Were You Ever Persecuted While Knocking on Doors?

by Funchback 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Funchback

    I recently posted a news article about how a JW said they get dogs sicced on them or they get urine thrown on them.

    The worst thing that ever happened to me was when a chubby man with long blonde hair and glasses opened the door and said, "No! NO! There IS no f--king God!"

    Then he slammed the door.

    Fortunately, I never "pissed" anyone off to the point where they wanted to,....well,....throw pee on me.

    How about you? What's the worst that happened to you (or someone you personally knew)?

    Let's see how bad the persecuiton really is.

  • Nikita

    About the worse I can recall was having dogs sent out to try to scare us.

    Oh, and remember that "crazy" neighborhood lady that would "stop in" to visit Wyndmoor every now and then? She used to scare me!

  • shamus


    Nothing. Absolutley nothing. This so called "anger" toward the witnesses was not really toward the witnesses but toward the inconvenience of being bothered. Whatever.... persecution.

  • Stephanus

    No, but these poor suffering Witness ladies apparently were:


  • Agent Double- O- Soul
    Agent Double- O- Soul

    I was persecuted by being compared with a biscuit........ the guy called me Jehovah's Cream Crackers.


  • twolips

    Looking back, I think " Worldly People " have much more love and compassion than the witnesses. When I get sales people at my door I am pissed because it is my house, my property, how dare them come and solicet me. I had respectful responses, and I was really hoping for someone to go off on me so I could be persecuted and have a good experience to tell at the service meeting. alas, no such luck (oops i said luck)


    I always hated going door to door , the only good things that stand out are the times when we were chased with hedge clippers from a door, we laughed our asses off , being that it was a 60+ year old woman......then there was the dude who answered with a shotgun......but the worst persecution I ever endured at the door would have to be by the young woman who answered the door in a see through robe that wasn’t even tied ..( that was cool bevis ) I got the feeling that she knew who we were and wanted to flip us out , we were in our teens ...the poor dude I was with I thought his head was going to explode he was soooo red......funniest damn thing I had happen In service ever.

    edited because my spelling sux

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    took alot of abuse at school, my family always had the knack of picking the territory around the school I was attending, took alot of UNNECESSARY verbal attacks that could of been avoided. When I would be almost in tears with my family, they would say "Jehovah is testing you.", Now I say "test this."

  • yxl1

    yeah, pretty much the same way as rundontwalk. Why did they have to ALWAYS schedule the service near where the majority of my school lived? The persecution always came on Monday morning. One kid even took a photo of me carrying my shiny plastic service bag , wearing a bad fitting suit and carrying the watchtower...It did wonders for what little street-cred I had.

  • Country_Woman

    I had only a few hilarious moments outside.

    Once we were ringing a door and we had a long while to wait before the door opened. A half dressed man (came out of his bed) saw us and shouted,
    "Jezus Christ" and slam the door.
    I start laughing and said "No, that's not the one in front of the door"

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