Can't get a trolley cart? Use your car instead.

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  • steve2

    Here in New Zealsnd current literal front page news is witnessing via obituaries .

  • stuckinarut2

    Once again, it proves the fact that socially awkward, mis-fits of society make perfect witnesses...

    Imagine a "new-world" full of such people!

  • Dagney

    Oh dear.

    They think they are soooo important with such an important message! Quite a comfy arrangement...lawn chair, under a tree, very little foot traffic, no trolley to be responsible for.

    They are prob aux pioneers trying to make their time.

  • sparky1

    What a difference 30 years makes!!!

  • wozza

    This is just a lazy adaptation of carpark witnessing ,but instead of knocking on windows they keep close to the Ipad ,phone, Thermos ,biscuits etc and a quick getaway when they get challenged about their beliefs .

  • GrreatTeacher

    Oh my, never heard of carpark witnessing.

    That's a thing? They literally knock on the windows?

    Do they avoid the ones that are steamed up?

  • rebel8

    I knew some who used to skulk around large parking lots and stick literature on the windshields. They avoided being seen doing this and talking to people directly.

    One person I remember doing this barely attended meetings but felt it was jehocker's command to preach, so she had to. Sad.

  • wozza

    Car Park witnessing ? yep used to do that and "business Territory witnessing " too that is , calling into stores and approaching the workers at the counter to offer literature even if customers were there. Can't believe I once that delusional :(

  • Dagney

    I remember street witnessing. Approaching people as we walked down the street as well as people waiting in cars. None of this namby pamby sitting on a bench outside Starbucks holding a set of mags. No sireee!

    I guess I can't blame them for trying to get their time in. It's just the arrogance and superior attitude that they are better/more spiritual than virtually everybody else that gets me!!

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    JW 1 - "Yo, lookin' good today Bro. Where you witnessing today Bro?"

    JW 2 - " Right back at yo Bro. Today I'm witnessing in the hood. Where you witnessing Bro"?

    JW 1 - " Today I'm witnessing on the hood."

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