Can't get a trolley cart? Use your car instead.

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  • cleanideas
  • cleanideas

    I saw these two JW ladies slowly start putting literature on their car no cart in sight. I'm wondering if they are going rouge not having permission for a cart and want to be lazy anyway. LOL!

  • steve2

    It looks far more comfortable than trudging door to door, and the absence of foot traffic will possibly allow a little nap.Ah, the declining calibre of the JW ministry is a joy to behold.

  • sir82

    That is so bizarre.

    If I were walking down the street and saw someone arranging magazines on their car's hood, I'd slo-o-o-o-wly walk away and shake my head.

    What sane person does that? Are these JWs so utterly socially clueless that they don't realize that putting magazines on your car, then standing by the car, makes you look deranged ?

  • freddo


    "going rouge"?

    I'd certainly be red-faced and embarrassed going in "the ministry" like that!

  • Crazyguy

    Oh my these people have gone nuts , truly in to the deep end of conclusion of the WT!

  • sir82

    "Would you like a nice magazine? I've got nice magazines, heh-heh. Look, I even warmed them up for you by putting them on the hood with the engine running. Wouldn't want your fingers to get cold, heh-heh. You have nice fingers. Would you like to see my fingers? Would you like to taste my fingers?"

  • ttdtt

    "From trunk to trunk from hood to hood, jehobers name we spread"...

    The revised song 103

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I just watched Matt Damon's 23 minute speech to the 2016 graduating class of MIT in Boston, Mass.

    Jdubs think they know it all. They know nothing. Absolutely, nothing. They only regurgitate what their high school attended, 7 dumbo leaders, tell them. To teach high school you still need a college education, none of the GB even have that.

    Jdubs don't think. They just follow.

    How ridiculous Jehovah's Witnesses are that come and knock on people's doors... to tell them something. What a laugh they are. At least in the photo above, the women are not bothering anybody, setting up under a shade tree. They just look ignorant and are totally wasting their lives for everyone to see.

  • sparrowdown

    Of course, hood witnessing, seems so obvious now.

    Next it will be trunk witnessing, or maybe baby stroller witnessing.

    The sky is the limit with the innovation these people show!

    Oo oo, I thought of another one - shopping cart witnessing.

    And fishing vest witnessing....someone stop me!

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