Did I open the gate to the realm of demons?

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  • StarTrekAngel

    Correct me if I am wrong ( I am asking seriously) but I do not, after reading the whole bible, recall a single event of something good ever attributed to daemons or satan. I do remember when the JWs use to actively teach this about other religions, claiming that whatever healing that happened at another church was Satan portraying himself as "angel of light".

    Even the Jews tried to pin this to Jesus and he explained how it is impossible to attribute something good to that or who is naturally evil.

  • EndofMysteries

    She needed a picture of you? If you were physically there why did she need a picture of you?

    If she does this as a job, what is the name or title of that profession?

  • redpilltwice

    EndofMysteries, the first time I visited her, she asked for my picture, but I didn't had a good one with me. She then gently pressed my wrist, and it helped anyway, but after that visit, she told me to bring her a good, clear picture of me so that I didn't need to return for future sessions. If she had the picture, she just would take it in her hand, press it and her energy would "heal" me from a distance.

    She is very old and never made it her profession, no title...

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    I can feel pain of other people.

    Took me quite some time (years, litterally) before I realised that a lot of things I feel are NOT my own pain.

    I also 'knew' three times someone died (unexpectedly!) before I was told.

    I can sense or 'know' that people are ill. A few years ago it happened that I could not think of anything else but cancer, and feeling a large dark cloud coming over us. Within three months my husbands brother had cancer and died. And the same feeling happened again, and now it was a friend of me who had cancer. (Only last week I saw the CO and I said to my husband: he is sick.... A few days later my husband told me: "You were right. The CO told me he has a weak health and will not get old." )

    Sometimes I feel pain OUTSIDE my body. Like if the pains has gone, but it's still around me. That puzzles me!

    So. I wish I could DO something...just feeling these things is so useless. I wish I could help people and ease their pain instead of just feeling it. I DO believe there are people who can do such things. And in my opinion this has nothing to do with demons.

    Just energy. If there is a God that can create with energy, and act with energy, and heal with energy why can humans, small part of God's energy, NOT use their energy to heal?

    And if there's no God, it's just energy. :-)

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    I also believe in Placebo & Nocebo effect. But that, too, is about energy. Who believes what? Even what your DOCTOR believes can affect YOUR healing. Thoughts are energy... I read a book on these effects. Some people 'need' injections to heal because the believe in the 'magic' of an injection. Some people 'need' surgery. They even did placebo-surgery on not life-threathening occasions such as knee-pain (make an incision and close the wound), and the patients got better, exactly like the people who got the 'real' surgery.

    So everyone believes in something. And the magic of a healing hand or thought is not MORE magic than the magic of an injection, homeopathy or surgery.

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    The things Orphan Crow says I do agree with. I know that pain, even when original caused by a wrong movement or accident (but WHY did THAT happen in the first place?!) has a function...the body and mind want to be in balance. (I suddenly remember how my dad ALWAYS had a sore troath before he had to do bible reading on the stage...his body gave him what his mind needed ... a way out) (And my husband, who is not a social person always has a cold sore at the convention/circuit assembly. So he doesn't have to kiss people. ;))

    So when pain stays for a long time it can be there for a reason...what things are different now that you have pain? IN what way would your life be worse if that pain was not there?

  • redpilltwice

    Simon mentioned the placebo-effect, Anders mentioned phantom-pain, others had other ideas , but I really don't believe my situation was a case of "wanting" something or deceiving myself, it just happened the way I told. The pain never was unbearable and I could easily live with it. Therefore I wasn't expecting anything or in a desperate (vulnerable) state, I felt "neutral" during the healing. I had the same comfortable feeling as during a few foot-reflex massages I had so far, where certain areas that are pressed in the foot will influence your bloodstream and give certain "sensations" in other areas of the body. None of that caused lasting effects for the better, just a very comfortable, pleasant and relaxed feeling that lasted for about a day. This is different, the pain is simply GONE and didn't return after a few days, it's simply as that. I'm sure the pressure points have something to do with what is already known for ages within Chinese accupuncture and it's about certain knots, nerve intersections, energy release etc.

    It's fascinating to see how some people have the "gift" and others don't. Probably the frequency and intensity of someone's brain waves, the molecular body structure/arrangement and bio magnetism can make a certain canalization/flow of energy possible that actually does have a healing effect. No magic, but just physics/chemistry and energy in a way we still don't understand well. I ackowledge and am aware of the placebo-effect, but I'm leaving out "suggestion" on purpose, because, I repeat, I don't like to consider my case as such.

  • JWdaughter

    My daughter could make all my headaches go away, just by holding her hand on my forehead. It was weird and effective.

  • jws

    I personally find myself going to this


    What would James Randi say?

  • redpilltwice
    jws > What would James Randi say?

    lol Randy is a cool guy, and it's good to have a healthy dose of scepticism (and this forum absolutely contributes to that), but I don't think the paranormal and occult have to do with this. We're not talking about bending spoons here, which was clearly fake in Uri Geller's case.

    Since I got rid of the WT fear of demons attacking "true" Christians, I'm open to a rational approach of this phenomena. I've heard all the "psychological" rationalizations all of my life, but now I'm thinking about it as something that isn't understood, but should and could be explained by (bio)chemistry and physics. It has to do with energy transfer, but I'm fascinated by the x-factor. What's the physical and psychological difference between the ones who have the "gift" and who don't? If such a difference can not be determined through science, then WHAT is the trigger that makes it happen? If it's only a matter of self-deceit, then why can't we all "self-deceit" ourselves free of pain? Just manipulate the right emotions and voila? I know this can happen, but this can't always be the answer...

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