OMG Gretta von funberg is trying to sing

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  • GrreatTeacher

    And yet, Mick, she managed to get under your skin from halfway around the world.

    Nice trick there.

  • Diogenesister
    In 2019 she completed the 9th grade (the completion of lower secondary education in Sweden) with excellent grades, 14 As, and Bs in three subjects:[36] Swedish, home economics and physical education.

    I know this is silly quibbling, but...

    How can a year 9 student attain 17As and Bs? The very most these are are teacher/in school assessments. These are not exams. Year 9 students don't take formal exams. They haven't even chosen their GCSE subjects yet (or equivalent exams taken at 16).

    I don't think this is accurate.

    And unless Swedish students spend way more time in school than anyone else I'm not sure how they manage 17 subjects, either, in that year.

  • JoenB75

    Sweden got better things to offer like the lovely nationalistic rock/folk "vikingrock" band Ultima Thule. Since the 80s these guys have fought musically for a better Sweden against the globalist tyrannical agenda manifesting itself stronger every. Here we have a lovely cover of Astrid Lindgren's "poor peasantboy/farmworker", to my knowledge only sung in Swedish. Very emotional song

    Poor Farmworker

    Versions: #1#2
    I am a poor farmworker, but I live anyway.
    Days come and go, while I work hard,
    harrowing, sowing seeds and plowing, sweeping the barn floor, digging and carrying
    walk behind my cattle, screaming, whistling and swearing.
    I am a poor farmworker and I chew my tobacco
    And when Saturday comes, I want to get drunk.
    Then, when I get high-spirited, I want to tussle and fight
    Sleep at a girl’s house, that’s what I’d like to do too, of course.
    Then,Sunday comes and our priest wants me to go to church, but that is when I sleep the most.
    Priests can sleep the whole day on Monday ,but a poor farmworker must start working again.
    That’s how the week goes, every day and every year.
    I walk with my scythe and I plow and sow seeds
    I guide my cattle and pile hay
    Harrow, work and slave and one day I shall die.
    Stands there, poor farmworker, before Heaven’s gate
    A little scared and sorry for the sins I committed.
    One shall not drink, be with girls and fight.
    The Lord, God in Heaven is quite disappointed, of course.
    But then the Lord says: poor farmworker, come here,
    I’ve seen your struggle and your persistent hard work,
    Therefore, poor farmworker, you are welcome here.
    Therefore, poor farmworker, you will be near me.
    Oh, I, the poor farmworker stand so quiet before God
    And then he dresses me with the whitest of all garments.
    Now, says the Lord, your work is done.
    Now, poor farmworker, you may rest.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Not sure, Dio, but in the US kids leave high school with the accumulated grades from all the classes for their entire high school career. There's no big final exam like GCSEs at the end of high school. Each class you've taken for four years has a final exam and those go on your high school transcript. Depending on the school set up of daily number of classes, students can leave with 28 or so credits/grades for classes. Some high schools have 6 classes a day, some have 7, and some complete their classes in half a year with 4 classes in Fall and 4 classes in Spring for a total of 8 subjects per year. As long as you pass each of those classes, you get the high school diploma.

    It's interesting, the different secondary education systems around the world.


    What most of you fail to grasp is that she is the child of Liberal/Progressive parents, so she is already leaps and bounds ahead of you when it comes to intelligence. There’s really no need to even try to explain how smart they are because it will just be a waste of time.

    Just as Liberal teachers can’t be bothered to explain to you why being White is terrible, or why it’s good to teach grade school children about masturbation, they can’t waste time trying to explain to you how intelligent Greta and her Parents really are. You just can’t grasp it.

    Just trust what CNN tells you. You are just hurting yourself trying to think it all through.


  • littlerockguy

    Absolutely correct DD. She is a certified full-fledged Climate Change Savant. She and others like her may be only our only hope for the future.

  • Simon

    I hadn't seen this before, but it's spot on. No one can say it like it is quite like an Australian!

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