OMG Gretta von funberg is trying to sing

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  • Simon
    She has a brilliant mind, and is probably even a prodigy in regards to promoting political action about climate change and in regards to her leadership ability. I am very impressed with her.

    She's a puppet, being coached.

    She often looks awkward, like she doesn't really want to be there, but has to be.

    I feel a little sorry for her, but that doesn't mean she should be excused or allowed to spread her nonsense.

  • TheListener

    Ad hominem attacks are for the lazy

  • zachias

    The cabel that pushes her forward all the time do so as It makes them feel good.. (IMO)

  • punkofnice

    It's the 'Thunberg' franchise as orchestrated by her parental PR.

    None of this is really her. It's all her attention seeking parents.

    Failed celebs. They are all the same, narcissistic.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @mickbobcat - at least she's doing something that normal teenage girls do.

    She's singing and dancing. Nothing wrong with this.

    I just hope she quickly discovers sex and d*ck-sucking, then she might forget all about this net zero carbon shit.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    I'm slightly revising what I said earlier. Part of my impression of Greta probably being a prodigy is that her small size gave me the impression that she is much younger than I later realized she is. Yesterday I learned that she is now 18 years old (see despite being small.

    Regarding how smart she is, the Wikipedia article says "She finished lower secondary school with good grades.[65] In July 2019, Time magazine reported Thunberg was taking a "sabbatical year" from school ... " and it says that "In 2019 she completed the 9th grade (the completion of lower secondary education in Sweden) with excellent grades, 14 As, and Bs in three subjects:[36] Swedish, home economics and physical education.[37]" She is thus smart even if she is not a prodigy.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW
    For those of you who said that Greta is stupid and/or unintelligent, tell us how your grades in 9th grade compared to her grades in 9th grade. Were you an A student in 9th grade? In my prior post I provided documentation that Great was an A student in 9th grade.
  • peacefulpete
    Its so embarrassing to see adults act so childish.

    I’m with Simon on this one. Her parents are probably idiots and she is just being used. Pretty sad..


  • Rafe

    Mick states in his opening post ......

    This stupid little autistic twit is a no talent hack.

    When a person goes out their way to demean and degrade a person with mental health issues tells much of that person's own character doesn't it ?

    All because that particular person expresses environmental concerns.

    Which brings up the question who is really mentally damaged in heart , mind and soul ?

    Pretty sad ... Rafe

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