" It is the True Religion ! "

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  • humbled

    I remember old light saying: “Religion is a racket and a snare!”

    Does anyone else remember that? It was drummed into me when l was getting indoctrinated (1987-1988)that religion was bad but on the other hand l was learning the capital”T” Truth- not mere religion

    Around 2007 the special manuscript talk that was read specially in the congregations delivered the idea that it was appropriate to refer to our beliefs as “true religion”

    That stuck in my mind. It was a strange matter to mark in our brains.

    anyone remember?

  • humbled
    Fink— “Are they in the Truth?”

    My daughter always tells JWs who knock on her door that she is familiar with what they offer, that her mother had been in the Truth. That always makes them happy for a flash. Then she drily informs them “Don’t bother. Because I am in the “False”.”

    She says they always leave right away.

  • LongHairGal


    This is a phrase JWs keep repeating over and over again. I think it is mostly to convince themselves.

    When I started my ‘fade’, I never again referred to the JW religion as “the Truth”. I call it “the religion”.

    ALL religions think they have the truth.

  • Vidiot
    LongHairGal - "I think it is mostly to convince themselves."


    IMO, loyalists of any denomination repeatedly insist that it's "The Truth" / "the True Religion" / whatever because deep down, they're actually scared it's not...

    ...'cause if it's not, then probably no religion is, and that possibility completely freaks them the hell out.

    (among other things)

  • Phizzy

    Of course, no religion can be true in the real sense of the word "Truth" can it ?

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