Clapping and singing in Conventions... like the evangelicals??

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  • steve2

    The tame rock n rollin in the Kingdom Hall parking lot from 2014 is very Mormon-like - Latter-Day Saints are really into sanitized r n r . To think, back in the 50s, r n r was more evidence the world was eating its end.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    I can't say this surprises me. I played in a band comprised of mostly JW's over the years from the time I was 16 up until I left as an elder in 1997. The friends mostly loved the music, and would show up anytime they knew we were playing. There were always a few sticks in the mud that liked to stir up trouble, but they were the minority. I think its a welcome change for most.

  • sparky1

    "Although a person may find emotional satisfaction with the Pentecostal movement and may be impressed with what are regarded as manifestations of God's spirit, they should remember that Scriptural truth is more important than a religious emotional experience." _ The Watchtower February 1 , 1964 page 91 in the article Religion with a swing The Pentecostal Way.

    Well, that's what Jehovah's Witnesses used to believe.

  • sparrowdown

    They could do a whole you tube channel called Lamest flash mobs EVER!

  • joe134cd

    Wow just wow. First flying flags in KH, and now a pentecostal revival meeting. It seems like Chile is leading the way. I don't kind of know what to make of it? Angry, upset or that I've just been made a fool of for so many years.

  • pale.emperor

    Remember when Anthony Morris claimed Jesus was his big brother?

  • sparky1

    Tony and Jesus out for a walk on the heavenly 'streets paved with Gold'. My heart swells at the thought.

  • careful

    Has anyone else noticed how low key Gerrit Lösch has become? I remember about 4-5 years ago he said in a convention/assembly/broadcast that people should listen to classical music. He's always been an impeccable dresser and seemed to enjoy the "finer" things in life (at least finer in his mind). Putting two and two together, I cannot help but wonder if he's been opposed to this musical change (and likely others) but has simply been outvoted by fellow GBers. That may explain his near disappearance...

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