Clapping and singing in Conventions... like the evangelicals??

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  • barry

    This would leave a lot of the older brothers spinning in their graves, unconsciously of course.

  • joe134cd

    Careful - Did you know at bethel, Gerrit has the unofficial title of NFL (no foot ball Losch). Apparently he has got a hang up over Super bowl, and it reminds him of gladiator games. According to his infinite spiritual wisdom super bowl and foot ball games aren't for Christians. Losch if you end up reading this your a right no fun twat.

    barry - it's got my head spinning and I ain't even dead yet.

  • konceptual99
  • careful

    joe134cd, thanks for the response. I have heard him rail against American football in some talk he gave that I saw online, so I knew he thought it was an overly violent sport. I understand that he got some negative feedback for his view supposedly because certain COs like football. I was not aware of the revised acronym—that's pretty funny.

    So were you at Bethel? If so, when?
  • darkspilver

    Oh! of course - seeing the Flemish - it's SO OBVIOUS NOW!

    Previously the JWs COULD NOT CLAP ALONG to the songs as they sung - because they could never remember the words haha and so had to hold / use their songbooks!!

    NOW - they project the LYRICS are the big screen (or TV at the KHs) - thus now there is no need to hold a songbook and their hands are 'free' to clap-along - especially with some of the new songs and orchestrations!!

    Oh Marieke, Marieke, I loved you so much Between the towers of Bruges and Ghent

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I think it's a nice change myself and it would have been nice if things were this way for those of us who grew up as JW's. The only thing that bothers me is that they used to say this kind of thing was inappropriate and they could show you scriptures to show the importance of being "serious minded" and "reverent" in our worship to Jehovah.

    It also bothers me that they make these changes but never apologize for having spoiled our fun and for condemning other religions for doing this very thing. They never even mention the fact that these things were frowned upon in the past.

    LIke so much of my life as a JW in the past, it's as if it never happened....never even mattered.

  • jp1692

    Tallon: I don't recognise this 'religion' anymore.

    Right, that's because we are "apostates."

  • Tallon
    Right, that's because we are "apostates."
    Too true!
  • DNCall

    At least they're clapping on two and four.

  • sparrowdown

    If you're in a cult and you don't know it clap your hands.

    If you're in a cult and you don't know it clap your hands...

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