Cart Witnessing Is Getting People Baptzed!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  • stillin

    Come on, Minimus! I'm sure that your friend believes what he's saying, but really? I imagine that there's a percentage of people who will join a religion simply because they get off on the initial love-bombing. Those people will stop and talk with the cart-witnessers and if they have nothing at all going on in their lives, they might come to a meeting and "progress" to baptism.

    The congregation that I attend seems to be growing, too. Not because of the Witness given around town, but because this is a nice area and people who are already Witnesses move here, then there are babies who never learn to reason anything out, and voila! Growth!

    But the carts as an actual stimulus for growth? Somebody is seeing things through rose-colored glasses.

  • minimus

    Listen I am not stupid when it comes to this stuff. I am not easily misled when it comes to witness talk. But this guy simply telling me how happy he was because of the specific growth and he also differentiated certain areas that are not productive. The places he has been working in our in the downtown Boston area. I even told him that I had seen certain people in a different city near the ocean that is well traveled and almost no one approached the Witnesses. He ac knowledged that that was not uncommon but in certain Boston areas they were doing great.

  • JaniceA

    Well, in an area with a lot of immigrants. . .I could see it. My family works with a lot of immigrant/refugees (west and midwest) and the congregation gets on family and can soon have 9 new publishers trying to get Americanized and loving the acceptance of the local congregations. The locals appreciate all the new reliable low paid employees (ok, that statement is based on one relative in particular that is an entrepreneur factory since any employees who want to have any financial future quit within 16 mos. and get their own accounts. She's a skinflint.)

  • JunkYardDog

    I was going down to the broolklyn bridge subway station day aFTER day for weeks in manhattan. the jw's have 3 6ft long foldup tables there AND i would rake the 5-10 jws standing looking like dopes for hours each day on my way then when i returned. same crap at boro hall brooklyn. they just stand there like dopes . talk to next to nobody, most of these are bethelites they are worthless zombies and from my observations convert next to noone , begging 1000's of commuters to take a wt rag while I kick the crapo out of them for being assholes. next to no one even takes the rag's. I love when they fold up their tables and leave because I will not leave and stand there with a bible even if they call the Police. it's all a SH!T SHOW then when some christian stops and joins me in beating the sh!t Out of them it becomes even more fun. I SHOW NO QUARTER. in fact there were a few times the jw's would pack and leave the subway just because i would stand there and ask passerbyers if they wanted to learn the TRUTH ABOUT JW'S...

  • alanv

    The increase has been going down over the last few years, not going up. This year it was 1.4% In europe there are more that have left than have joined. I would say the carts are a complete failure.

  • Phizzy

    The Org will be crowing about the odd pocket of success, experiences on Convention programmes etc, but overall I reckon the carts simply must be an epic fail.

    Apart from that is persuading JW's they are "giving a witness", which they are not of course.

  • stillin

    Remember the Moonies? At the corners with their flowers and their smiles and enthusiasm? And their mass weddings?

    Are they still around?

  • Incognito
    I know this guy and he isn’t a liar. - minimus

    Probably more a matter of perspective.

    I suspect there is are at least a few people who first become interested from obtaining literature from a cart, who move forward to studying or becoming full JWs. If the carts didn't have any success, then why keep doing it? It would be an un-motivator if JWs attending the carts never see anything positive for their efforts.

    Other causes for congregation attendance growth include locations which offer benefits such as nearby jobs, new development, ease of transportation, reasonable living costs or activities for retirees, thereby causing outsiders to relocate there including JWs from other areas.

  • OnTheWayOut
    James Mixon-
    I call FOUL!!!!! No way cart witnessing is getting people baptized, if the door to door work didn't do it surely the cart work is no better...

    Yeah, I will declare that your elder that believes otherwise is a victim of some kind of propaganda. Cart witnessing has gone on long enough that Watchtower has to have some kind of positive results from it, even if they are just cooked numbers from the tiniest bit of actual results.

  • punkofnice
    He marveled at how many people have become baptized in the last couple of years because of cart witnessing.

    I'd call this wishful thinking linked into Jobo propaganda.

    The figures will speak for themselves. Oh, more yearbook.

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