A frothy question ABOUT DEMONS

by Terry 18 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ttdtt

    My question is - Who Counted?

    And why is it always a round number?
    Do Demons only come in groups of a 1000?

  • Vidiot

    Terry - "Why don't we give ourselves permission to ask common sense questions, and then
    come to accept the fact they are UNanswerable with common sense answers."

    I think the subconscious mind realizes that the more common-sense questions get asked about beliefs, the more unbelievable it makes them.

    Just realizing that should be a major red flag, IMO.

  • rebel8

    "How big is a demon," is a legit question.

    If we are to believe Hollywood, being possessed by a single demon is quite exhausting. The demon runs your life, decides what you do, where you are, what you say, etc.

    Did all the demons in a single person suddenly develop a hive mind and work together?

    If not, wouldn't the person's brain or body be literally torn apart? What if one demon wanted the left arm to stab someone and another demon turned around and ran in the other direction, ripping the arm off? Would the left arm remain there mid-air, detached, stabby, and still demonized?

  • 20yearfader
    lol terry the bible should be read while drinking a good brandy one of the best fantasy books ever written
  • Vidiot

    @ 20yearfader...

    F**k that shit. Just read Revelation...


    ...while on peyote. :smirk:

  • millie210

    Terry you came up with things I never even thought of!

    Wasnt there a scripture where someone said my name is Legion?"

  • Terry

    Mark's text at 5:13 may give a more precise hint at the number of demons in this particular "Legion" since in this verse the Gospel writer tells us that the herd of pigs into which Jesus sent the demons numbered about 2,000.

    But to really nitpick. . .

    if all those demons could fit into one person, more than one demon could crowd into a pig. It is mentally exhausting to apply common everyday logic to such insanities with a straight face, however.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Them demons are a very pliable, flexible, and expandable creatures. In one part of the bible they are 'man sized' and banging the good looking women of the earth. In another part of the bible 2,000 can squeeze into one man. Wow! They are amazing!

    just saying!


  • Terry

    I think you've hit the nail on it's head, eyeuse2badub!

    A WORD THAT CAN MEAN ANYTHING means nothing.

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