Richard Dawkins has had a Stroke

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  • barry

    I listened to Richards Audio and it seems he lives alone. He has been in hospital for 4 days and has people coming around such as phyio to get him moving. Should it be suggested to him he needs someone there 24/7 . I find him overall a nice guy.

    Ill be praying for you Richard

  • Landy
    That was the same pun that occurred to me but it fell flat.
    It's all down to .....

    ....timing ;)

  • Clambake
    Cofty explain to me how I am a liar
  • cofty
    Clambake - You already know why if you read the article you linked. I'm not going to let you derail yet another thread, if you want to discuss it further take it to PM.
  • Clambake

    So lets follow the logic here.

    A. I called Dawkins out on being in favor of the killing of the disabled in utero

    B. You said that was a lie and I was a liar

    C. I posted a link to an article where Richard Dawkins is quoted as saying just as I posted.

    D. You said I didn't understand the article ( Of course who understands things on a deeper level which us mere morals couldn't understand )

    E. I asked you to explain what part of the article I didn't understand why I was a liar ?

    F. You said this isn't the time and place and this should be talked about in PMs. ( Now who likes to have backroom meetings about private matters ? )

    I don't even care about the Dawkins article, I am just pointing our how JWish your behavior is

  • slimboyfat

    It doesn't seem that serious. I hope he gets better soon. The somewhat ungenerouss thought that occurred to me was that some people become a bit cranky after a stroke. But in Dawkins case how could people tell the difference? But then I thought much the same could probably be said for me, so I kept my comment to myself. If I delete this post in 29 minutes Simon might explode.

  • cofty
    I called Dawkins out on being in favor of the killing of the disabled in utero

    You said he thinks "all downs syndrome fetus should be aborted".

    I posted a link to an article where Richard Dawkins is quoted as saying just as I posted.

    No you didn't. You posted a link to an article where Dawkin's comment is explained in context. But just like the other lie you repeated about child abuse you have no interest other than trying to discredit somebody who exposes your wilful ignorance.

  • slimboyfat

    I thought it was Dawkins' position that he would abort children with Down syndrome. Is that not correct?

    I think what strikes many people about Dawkins is that he defends his moral positions with the same sort of zeal and certainty that he defends natural selection with no hint that there is distinction between the different sorts of claims. If you disagree with him on feminism or abortion or religion then you're just as much a dunderheid as if you disagree with him on common ancestry.

  • Heaven
    He sounds a bit tired and weak but still sharp. He has been having chronic blood pressure problems lately as well as stress. It is good that he can still speak and think. It's interesting that he says his biggest challenge is buttons. We take simple things for granted. I hope he can recover fully. This getting old sucks.
  • Simon
    I only disliked the post after Landy made his comment and it annoyed me that he seemed to be missing the point on purpose. ... . See that I made the dislike after Landy's comment. It's pretty straight forward. The idea that I am someone who is afraid to say what they really think is a bit bizarre.

    So you admit, you basically disliked someone's "get well" wishes simply as a way of retaliating. Nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with what someone else posted.

    That's pretty pathetic IMO.

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