Annual Meeting

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  • Atlantis

    2021- Annual Meeting Full 4 hours.

  • zahoots

    Big Thanks Petra!--Atlantis!

  • Listener

    Thanks Atlantis.

    They kept mentioning 'food at the proper time' but most JWs have to wait until January to receive this, three months away.

  • Atlantis


    When a person has to wait three months to get their food, it is already cold.

    Nobody wants cold soup!


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So their excuse to build a media center by 2026 is that this is for the new world. So they’re setting a new end date now (sometime in the next 5 years).

    Not only that, but after the pictures we see in all the books, like the Revelation book, of meteors and burning cities, they believe they will have the Internet up and running in no time, without any telephone poles or roads or big buildings to speak of in any of the pictures.

    I mean, it just sounds more and more ridiculous these excuses. Are they going to retcon the Bethel complex they built in all these pictures of god overseeing the paradise, shouldn’t like their complex be shown on earth instead of the implied elder on the porch of some wood bungalow in a tropical environment?

  • Listener
    Anony mous - So their excuse to build a media center by 2026 is that this is for the new world.

    They say it in one breath and then they tell the JWs that all they need to do at Armageddon is to hide since the authorities/gog of magog will be seeking them out. They could hardly hide in these colossal building complexes and if they really will be sought after, these buildings would be destroyed.

  • FFGhost
    they hope that it will be used after Armageddon.

    They always say that.

    Who's going to be running the electric power plants to supply the electricity for their fancy-dancy movie studio?

    Not to mention the 1,001 other "who's going to.... after Armageddon?" questions that are either ignored or answered with a shrugging "I'll guess we'll have to wait on Jehovah".

  • nowwhat?

    Don't forget you're going need a satellite for the internet. As I've said many times. Instead of burdening the brothers with more donations for a complex that will cost probably a half billion dollars why not make due for now and build it for free or use a studio that's still standing in the new new system? Plus you're talking 20k workers from the all important preaching work! If the government is going to go after religion they wouldn't go after individuals first. They would cut off the head! And blow up or confiscate the headquarters!

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    If using the mail system to spam Mr Putin was a suped up door-to-door work - what could the audio visual be? Didn't they get info from UN to put in Awake and WT? So their channel could carry UN stuff.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Thank you Atlantis for the JW AGM's still up and running & available.

    One of the most jaw-dropping..."what the f**k did he just say" moments is going to be GB Morris' last talk. AT the 3:50 to 3:60 clip Morris is blaming the rank & file old timers for years ago spreading the thinking that "If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things...Therefore as a young person, you will never fulfill any career that this system offers."

    It's as though Morris is pretending that the May 22, 1969 Awake Magazine page 15 article ("What Future For The Young") doesn't exist...or he may very well of forgotten about it. Whatever the case... it appears that he inadvertently/recklessly is making reference to that 1969 article without realizing it and blaming 'faithful' old timers for spreading a rumor "because now nearly 40 years later we're still here" (his words...and its' not nearly 40 years its well over 50 years later)!

    My question: Does not the WTBTS broadcast department have an editing team that filters such nonsense before this stuff airs...or rather I'm glad the WTBTS broadcast department doesn't have an editing team to filter such nonsense before it airs? :) :) :)

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