JWs Changing "Baptism Questions" Effective May 13?

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  • Finkelstein

    Its just a focusing reclamation that the JWS organization and the top GB members (FDSL) is Jehovah's chosen earthly organization.

    Established by the GB members themselves of course.

    Refute their doctrines or teachings and you are therefore against Jehovah, an identifying opposing spirit since this organization is being guided by Jehovah.

    This religion like just most others are enacting a power envelop to control people for its self serving means and sustenance.

    Its again about loyalty confirmation that they want to instate toward its members during baptism..

  • jp1692

    "If we are God’s servants with an earthly hope, we have not been anointed with holy spirit. Nevertheless, we can have just as much of God’s spirit as those with the heavenly hope."

    That's because they all have zero. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

  • jp1692

    Is this a BOE letter? What's the date?

    Atlantis, do you have a copy of the entire letter?

  • blondie

    Removing spirited-directed could be a legal maneuver.

  • truthlover123

    Atlantis had the three memos on a day ago, and I do not think they stayed too long. There was a two page memo to COBOE re a lot of stuff, two important issues - change to baptism question 2 - dredging up a myriad of questions, about anointed, appointed, holy spirit- who has it when - they say pubs and anointed have it in THE QTR questions and answers - we all have IT! Equallyl - so why do we need them?

    What will this do the the heart and soul of those mentally in pubs who dont believe a word. it will undoubtedly scar and drain them and they will wander like lost souls...once they wake up... and then Item 7 wants the elders to review contributions AND MAKE SURE THE MONEY STILL COME IN EVERY MONTH FROM EVERY FAMILY..OTHER WISE THE AMOUNT WILL BE ADJUSTED - BUT REMEMBER BOY, THIS IS A FOREVER Mortgage and tithe to an organization THAT IS COVER UP CHILD ABUSE CASES FROM PAST 25 YEARS AND FORWARD. --hiding FILES, DESTROYING FILES, IS THAT SHOWING THEIR INNOCENCE IN THIS MATTER,,, WHAT HAPPENED TO MORAL CODE? NO INNOCENSE.... NO MORAL CODE... JJUST GASLIGHT THE PUBS AND COLLECT THEIR MONEY, FOREVER.

  • careful

    Yes, SBF, it is puzzling. blondie may be onto something, some legal reason, but i can't see what.

    So do the Christadelphains still use "Ghost"? How archaic!

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Jesus Christ. Check.

    Jehovah. Check.

    No mention of God at all.

    Makes perfect sense to me. Never felt any connection to God with those guys.

  • blondie

    Not having a good day, truthlover 123 (smile). Yes, the WTS really worships Mammon, money rules.


    When a person makes the gaining of money his chief goal in life, he is, in effect, worshiping a false god​—Mammon, or Riches. That false god offers no sure hope for the future.​—Matthew 6:24, footnote.

  • lastmanstanding

    Has anyone noticed the inherent plurality of “spirit” in the outbound baptism question?

    To clarify, put yourself in the position of a non-JW who is attending the convention.

    When you hear “spirit-directed organization” as an outsider, you quickly surmise that the word “spirit” refers not to the “Holy Spirit” (singular) of the biblical context, but rather to ‘spirits’ in general.

    The organization never said “Holy Spirit-directed”, just an unidentifiable “spirit”, thus making the “spirit” plural in nature as it could be any “spirit”, thus all ’spirits’.

    Further, if an organization forthrightly claimed that it was in communication with and guided by “spirits” (plural) in nature, not precluding any spirit or spirits, even evil ‘spirits’, or demonic ‘spirits’, then it would word it’s claim similarly to the outbound question.

    For example, the ‘high church of the devil’ teaches that it is guided by the demons (plural). Thus, it would claim that it is “spirit-directed”. It would not say that it is “spirits directed” as the plurality of the word “spirit” would be assumed, it would refer to not one spirit in particular, but many spirits (plural).

    So, as an outsider, listening to the questions for baptism, but not exposed to clarifying information that defined the “spirit” in “spirit-directed” as the “Holy Spirit” of Christianity, it could, and I further would, be assumed that the JW organization is practicing divination.

  • truthlover123

    Blondie: Ha-ha guess I should have checked before I hit the post button... however, doesn't sound too far off and maybe its my inner self speaking...

    That is cute

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