Was Adam "born" Circumsized ?

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  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    How much energy have religious 'nuts' (see what I did there?) wasted on getting all worked up about circumcision?

    The foreskin is a normal part of the body but somehow has a bad reputation because it is associated with uncleanness.

    If your parents thought it was a good idea to have your foreskin hacked off, I have some very sad news for you that you probably already know.

    The most sexually sensitive part of the penis is on the foreskin, on the underside of the penis.

    Like any other part of the body, if its functioning normally, why remove it?

    Was the original idea behind circumcision really a health concern, as zealots continue to say, or was the real reason to deaden sexual sensitivity?

  • Simon

    How is it any different than any obscure cult that thinks mutilation is somehow "holy"?

    It's a backward practice by idiots and has no place in modern society.

    There is ZERO reason for it - we've evolved to work just fine without some old guy needing to cut up babies.

  • talesin

    Simon, I was reading up on it, and some doctors are actually performing it in the USA (and most likely in Canada, too). "First, do no harm." ahahaha, right, after money, the patient comes first. It's barbaric, and that poor tiny infant. Disgusts me.

    joey jojo, exactly, it's not meant to be sliced off. Interesting that Islam also requires the practice (another religion that demonizes sex).

    Oh, and on a midwifery website - in the USA, more male children die annually from circumcision complications (most often bleeding for lack of vitamin K) than SIDS. YIKES

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    So..the creator got it wrong with the foreskin then?
  • prologos
    stan livedeath: "So..the creator got it wrong with the foreskin then? No he could not (playing along) but due to the effect of the talking snake, imperfection set in, and the males of the Abrahamic branch developed Phimosis , balanitis and Paraphimosis. for the uninitiated, their penis developed larger than their foreskin.; preventing washing, smells and complaints by the dainty ladies, and the impression by the men, that their social partners always remained virgins, (it always felt too tight!). to forestall all this, the ~2000 BC elders decreed preventative measures, remove the potentially tightened penis noose by using the developing knife, scissor technology. and bsw: pleasure will not be lost with the most sensitive parts removed!. heard of the amputees complaining about pain in their extremities? so:

    Size matters, Penis too big, foreskin too small,? remove the small, not all.

  • stillin

    I guess I just don't know what I'm missing.

    But it seems to me that bigger is better.

  • Skedaddle
    @talesin "Interesting that Islam also requires the practice (another religion that demonizes sex)." In the interests of fairness, this is not true. Islam is not interested in c@cks:) In the Qu'ran it does not mention circumcision. However it is believed that Mohammed was born circumcised and a lot want to emulate him by having circumcision ops. So it is a tradition but not a command. Any requirement of circumcision by any sect of islam is a distortion of islam as it is not mentioned in the Qu'ran.
  • tiki
    James mix.....I always thought Paul was saying cut the whole damned thing off not just some excess skin....nothing about leaving the group..???but what do I know.....? Whatever.....I think circumcision is a good thing and for health reasons should be done on the 8th day.
  • ttdtt
    How Ridiculous is it that god is ok with Genital Mutilation, but if you get a Belly Ring, or a Tattoo you are showing the "spirit of the world."
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    The real question is did Adam have a penis? Watchtower doctrine had Adam created as a sexless human.

    Here: Watchtower -- Did Adam have a penis?

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