Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Have No Power Over You Unless YOU Let It Happen!

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  • minimus

    Should I go to a judicial committee and perhaps get disfellowshipped? Should I talk to the elders just because they say they want to talk to me? Should I simply disassociate myself and have nothing to do with the Organization?

    YOU don’t have to give them an accounting. They are not your masters. You don’t have to follow their regulations.

    Regarding disassociating yourself, why play by their rules?

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Unless you want them to stop showing up on your doorstep unannounced and you want them to leave you the hell alone. I wrote a letter of resignation and threatened to sue if they made an announcement from the stage. Worked for me!

  • minimus

    The mere fact that you cannot bring in your own Witnesses or a lawyer means the deck is already stacked against you. It’s only their rules and they can do pretty much whatever they want to do.

  • longgone

    I decided to d/a so they would leave me alone, as they refused to accept my repeated requests to do so. I felt I had no choice for my safety as they were becoming aggressive. Highly unusual as far as I’ve known.

    I thought by making it formal they would be reasonably sure I wouldn’t influence their followers since no is permitted/allowed to converse with anyone who attempts to leave even peacefully. I had never contacted any of them anyway. I really don’t underrstand their persistence.

    I didn’t want to play by their rules, but I needed peace of mind. I also filed a police report as my attorney suggested. This gives me a second layer of protection. In my disassociation letter I stated they were to never to come to my home again, including elders. Should they disregard my wishes again it will be considered harassment.

    This was perhaps an unusual case, I’ve never heard or could even imagine this happening in the organization. Maybe a new directive from the cult leaders, who knows. Over two years ago when I joined this forum for support through my attempted fade someone posted that a person can’t leave the JW religion with their dignity intact.

    Separately, I apologize for the formatting in this post, new tablet/operating system that I’m just learning.

  • Spiral

    This is really the essence of the whole situation. If more were able to embrace this idea, the iron fisted control would dissolve.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    You come to one stark realization in the Borg. ''There is nothing to fear, but man''.

    ''Fear'' of the man is all there is. The only thing to really ''fear'' is the power you give them. It's just an engrained thought, but it's sooooo hard to shrug off.

  • steve2

    Those with no family in or whose family has left can agree with you minimus.

  • dubstepped

    Oh dear, this drivel again. I disassociated and it was the best thing ever. Don't you take your dad to meetings or something? Or am I thinking of the wrong person?

  • dubstepped

    Faders play by their rules far more than those that disassociate and put a bullet in it.

    If nothing else, if you're trying to tell everyone else how to live in relation to the cult, your JW is showing.

    You've also been here for how long now? Does that mean they still have power over you?

    We were all impacted in different ways. We go through this stuff at different points in life, are impacted in different ways emotionally and mentally, and we all get out our own way. If you're out, be happy, and screw anyone trying to shame you for doing it a way that they in their narrow minded way don't grasp.

  • _Morpheus
    If nothing else, if you're trying to tell everyone else how to live in relation to the cult, your JW is showing.

    morphs law!

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