Women in this Org are looking for a Father Figure

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  • Heartsafire
    This is so true! I have long been bewildered by women who are more interested in a relationship with this odious org than with their own husbands, children, and people around them. They really are filling a void of some sort. I remember seeing this with my own mother who had a horrible relationship with my dad and he was a JW! I think they maintain some fantasy of the perfect guy and assign that to God. Maybe they never shake the fantasy stories of the royal prince coming to take them to his kingdom. In my mothers eyes she had the perfect relationship with God, so if she had a problem with you than so did Jehober. If you disagreed with her than you disagreed with Jehober. There is no reasoning with people like that! And yes there are definitely brothers who think this way too. Between their inflated egos, fear, and brainwashing they cant come to terms with reality.
  • kairos

    This is a very interesting topic for me, as my wife if being guided by the GB.

    I need to think this through. Should I ask her to read the opening post?
    I told her I would not share anymore TTATT with her.

    I answered my own question.
    We have had over a week of very good days in a row.

    Why spoil that...

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    women in this Org are......

    largely ignored by the misogynist hierarchy that run the show--yet they lap it up!

    this is the majority target market the GB need to go after for the cash income needed.

  • macys
    As a woman I never needed to have that father figure feeling of safety. But I guess that is cause I am young!
  • OneEyedJoe
    As a woman I never needed to have that father figure feeling of safety. But I guess that is cause I am young!

    Or maybe that's a part of why you were able to wake up - you don't need it.

  • ToesUp

    "Or maybe that's a part of why you were able to wake up - you don't need it."

    Good point OneEyedJoe.

  • Ughhhhh


    Totally agree with this premis. My wife became a jw. Was "love bombed" when issues in our life happened and she became a jw. Our marriage has been in decline since. I think some people need definite answers in life. Jw's have answers for everything. They are shitty answers but they are answers. I don't think there are definite answers in life. My wife I guess has found her father figure in the mighty Jehovah. Tough to compete with the mighty Jehovah. And yes my wife did not have a relationship with her father.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, you have a point. I always felt JWs in general wanted to be told what shoe to put on first. I don't know if it is a combination of not wanting to think, or not wanting to be accountable if something goes wrong. Whatever the case, they are a bunch of mental cripples and this is a result of their turning over their thinking abilities to somebody else.

    Of course, this might pertain more to the women in the religion and it is possible that those middle-women you mention are in that category. This is part of the reason I'm glad I'm not sitting there being viewed as a "loser" who can't think for myself! I remember having a discussion years ago with a die-hard sister over the blood issue. She felt she would need to consult the "brothers" every step of the way. I didn't agree and did not respect her mentality.

    I'd rather be OUT and be viewed as "materialistic" or "unspiritual" or however else Jehovah's Witnesses choose to view somebody who leaves the religion!


    I agree with you and did not need or want any father figures in that religion. I have one and that was enough, thank you!

  • Spiral

    This is really an interesting thought and I need to think it through.... I do know "off the top of my head" a few sisters that this would definitely apply to. I've always wondered what is wrong with some of these sisters, almost as if they are the 100th wife of a polygamous man. They get so little attention and are able to participate in almost nothing BUT they are so happy to be in that sorry state.

    My father was the "unbeliever" and he HATED religion. But, I never felt that connected to him so I while I respected his opinions (especially now) I don't know if that has contributed to how I feel about TTATT.

  • nowwhat?
    We have an older sister that commented that "we must not just love Jehovah we should be madly in love with jehovah!" so good point op

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