Elders who dislike other congregation elders

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  • Johny Franco
    Johny Franco


    Yeah I've had one of those, they get mad when other elders go beyond the time assigned by a few minutes but then they do it and it's OK because his job is to really make sure the congregation understands the point of the information while at the same time embedding his own opinions to matters he only speculates about. Also thanks to him the congregation appreciates when he lectures the offending elder at the front of the hall as if to say "see, I take care of business within my unit also!" It's interesting the bickering that goes on in BOE's you have to remember to become an elder is easy to delete someone is really tough even if you need to step down so basically you are stuck working with unbearable personalities. I bet the biggest reason why some elders leave their posts are because secretly they can't put up with others. I remember some of the greatest satisfactions I got was when my arch-nemesis (every elder has one) did something wrong and he got called out for it, I would never say anything but secretly I was fist pumping with both arms, I can't imagine this wouldn't happen in other BOE's

  • Johny Franco
    Johny Franco


    interesting, without derailing much the OP, how was it being related to so many of them? I always wondered what the true feelings were from spouses, I never really believed my significant other when she said she was appreciative I could help the cong, I always felt like she wanted to say more but didn't. It certainly is not easy for wives In my opinion. Also I used to be in a BOE with multiple family members, was I right when I assumed they went home and spoke among each other about matters that should only be treated as a body? also I would assume the're would be discord and fights among each other when they didn't agree since usually it's hard to separate a family relationship from a working one.

  • Alive!

    You know - as some would say, you really can't make this stuff up.

    The amount of sheer malice that went on, the miserable power struggles - we saw and heard it all - thinking perhaps it was just local initially.

    Then, as our network of 'friends' quickly spread, we heard and encountered more and more...horrendous stuff went on.


    'Imperfect men' - Love covers a multitude of sins' - "keep putting up with one another" - these scriptures and noble thoughts kept us from saying 'NO' to all this.

    But then, after many years - we had to say, there is something seriously, seriously wrong with all this. It's beyond normal human imperfections. The dishonesty and manipulative writing styles in the publications were beyond normal human imperfections.

    Who would want to expose any 'neighbour' to all this internal horror?

    There is a deep sickness amongst this human network. Seriously. And all painted over with niceness, nice clothes, clean shaven faces, spotless KHs.

    Are the people more moral? Absolutely not.

    In a community that spends huge amounts of time being taught by the Org - the amount of 'sin' is remarkable. In fact, it's explosive - and always has been.

  • Alive!

    The personalities described here are spot on!

    Honest - How does that happen? LOL.


  • antes8080
    Elders, what wonderful provision from jah. When you become a cobe in a congregation is like getting your own macdonalds franchise. Secretary use to be a harder job computers and emails is made it easier. Service elder is most likely a pioneer. The service comitee is not really a comitee they just follow the instructions of the cobe. What are qualifications for a cobe 1. Fat 2. Short 3. Janitor or Construction trade. 4. Dictator the most important of them all a Company man!! All the elder bodies are the same working for the same purpose, nothing at all but a waste of a life.
  • prologos

    Honest - How does that happen? LOL.


    It started with the apostles, later the first GB, fighting who is the greatest, getting the family involved lobbying the king himself. Really evolution in action, proved in animal studies. animals.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yeah, very similar egos/attitudes amongst elder bodies.
  • Dunedain

    What i think this really all comes down to, and actually its rather simple, is that most Elders are ASSHOLES. They are egotistical, self-righteous, power hungry, MEN.

    When i was a child growing up in this organisation, i thought Elders were these "perfect men", worthy of being looked up to. As i got older, until i was ultimately out 20 years ago, when i was in my early 20's, i started realising how really deficient human beings they were. These men were babies, haughty, evil, back-stabbing, uneducated, tactless, judgemental, WEIRD, fake, and some of the worst of the worst.

    In the "real" world, many of these men, were nothing. They couldnt even function, or hold down a job, or financially support their families. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules, and in all ways too. I knew some elders who were AWESOME people, but unfortunately they held NO true "power". It was, and is, always the assholes who are at the top, and harrassing the sheeple, and in this man-made religion it will always be this way until its, soon to be, END.

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