Elders who dislike other congregation elders

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    My congregation had four elders who had different personalities.You would see a little friction among themselves.

    #1 Self-righteous and the 800 pound gorilla.He would push everyone around in the congregation and even some fellow elders.

    # 2 Elder was around 80 years old and looked like he stuck around a little too long.It looked like he was around because he never decided to give up the position.His duty became very light as he aged.

    # 3 Elder was in his early 30's and newly elected.He made no waves and whatever was asked of him in the congregation he would do.Easy to push around like a little puppy dog.

    #4 Elder (who everyone liked ) was easy to get along with and had a family who everyone loved. He didn't like elder # 1. They had a power struggle amongst each other which everyone observed while the meetings were in session.

    Here are 2 small verbal fights that I observed while the congregation meetings were in session:

    While Elder # 1 was giving a talk ( heavy rain storms are brewing outside with loud thunder and lightning ) the microphones and lights are knocked out.We lost all power and could barely see. Elder # 1 yells out, '' We have an electrician in the house and it looks like he's just sitting there and not doing anything to see what he can do to fix the problem.'' Elder # 4 ( an electrician ) says angrily, '' The transformer is down. What would you like me to fix?"

    Elder # 4 is giving a 5 minute question and answer talk at the Ministry School. Elder # 1 is called on to answer the first question. He gives a 3 minute answer which covers almost the whole question and answer talk. Elder # 4 says to Elder # 1, ''If you want,you can come up here and finish my talk."

  • prologos
    it is inevitable that the froth rises to the top and the fat.
  • ToesUp

    That's all that will be left in this organization soon. Bullies and power hungry "men."

    They will devour each other! You can see it coming!

    While we were building our Hall years ago, two Elders almost came to physical blows with one another. It was disturbing to watch. They were 2 power hungry bullies, each wanting their own way. BUT...they were chosen with holy spirit, Jehovahs chosen ones, stars and Princes. Ha!


    My congregation had four elders who had different personalities.

    You would see a little friction among themselves.

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Sounds entertaining. I would have told Elder 1 to step away from the cheeseburger, Elder 2 to retire, Elder 3 to grow a pair, and Elder 4 to start his own religion.
  • Virgochik

    When I was growing up, my dad had an especial feud with another elder, kind of a rivalry. They both drew their own following in the congregation. Everyone saw it. The factions clustered after the meetings to chat, but avoided one another. I remember a vote about purchasing new carpet, when somehow it came out that elder TH has already picked out the carpet color and pile, and brought it prior to the vote! A disgruntled brother called out, "Then, why are we even voting, if you already bought it? That was an ugly evening.

    The rift extended to elder TH's wife, when she played the piano. They used to bang out the songs on the Hall's piano. My mom, an elderette, would kick my dad and snicker about how badly elderette AH was missing the keys. My dad's faction wouldn't sing. The same thing would happen when my mom played.

    The elders were mortified when their daughters (me and little sister SH) became best friends. That was awkward.

    Then there was the jockeying to take the CO out to dinner first, and the meanness around that. Each elder would look for an opening to tell the CO negative things about the others. There was constantly drama, plotting and hurt feelings.

    That was a huge factor in me seeing it wasn't the truth. Children see through petty, spiteful, un Christian behavior like that.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    You see, this is what happens when you have power hunger Elders with elevated egos. Clashing and rifts are unpreventable. It's destined to happen.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I was once in a Congregation where the original Presiding Overseer (and his wife) continued to rule the roost even though i long ago had become a revolving position. When there'd be a matter brought to the congregation for consideration from the platform, he'd take the discussion over from his seat in the audience, talking back and forth across the Hall back about the matter with the other Elders and leaving the audience and the Brother on stage who was conducting the meeting, completely out of it.

    One time when our Hall was due remodeled, the new color scheme was put to a Congregation vote. The congregation chose one scheme but this Elder's daughter was due to be married and his wife vetoed the colors because they wouldn't "go" with her daughters Bridesmaids dresses.

    This former P.O's wife's comments during the Watchtower study, were often condescending lectures to the audience. It got to the point that the C.O. said during such an occasion, that Sisters need to refrain from preaching to the audience when commenting at meetings. Everyone worked hard that day at suppressing their laughs.

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    Great pic, OUTLAW.
    LOL!!..Thanks Blondie!!..

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