Pornography - Old Elders Letter But It Made Me LOL!

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  • ttdtt

    What type of pornography was he looking at?Was it accompanied by masturbation?

    Isnt looking at porn like aways followed by masterbation, or is that just me:)

    With regard to viewing oral (or anal) sex of a homosexual or group nature, this is more serious.

    Yes millions die of starvation each year - but doG is worried about what hole you put you dick in, or EVEN if you see pages of ink or pixels on a screen that showed that!

    A married person may even find fault with his or her mate in an attempt to justify viewing pornography.

    Reality Code for (finding fault) - my wife wont ever have sex with me .

    "gee my wife wont let me get near her and we havent f#cked in 2 years, instead of having an affair, I will wack off to porn to keep my head from exploding" YEA What a horrible man - looking for excuses for doing something that most mammals do all the time.

    We worship a powerful loving doG.

  • Fisherman


    "However, suppose a Christian has secretly viewed abhorrent, sexually degrading pornography for years and has done everything possible to conceal this sin. Such pornography might feature gang rape, bondage, sadistic torture, ......When others become aware of his conduct, he is deeply ashamed. He has not been brazen, but the elders may determine that he has ‘given himself over’ to this filthy habit and has practiced ‘uncleanness with greediness,’ that is, gross uncleanness. A judicial committee would be formed because gross uncleanness is involved..... " From the "WT online library" copyright WTBTS.

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  • Diogenesister
    We all like a bit of bondage, role play and slap and tickle from time to time Mr Watchtower. Live a little.

    Yeah I used to say that to the PO all the time but somehow I don't think he agreed with me....

  • Fisherman
    Yeah I used to say that to the PO all the time but somehow I don't think he agreed with me....


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