What Were You or Someone You Knew Counseled For That Was Ridiculous?

by minimus 49 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    The elders business because someone could get stumbled over the hairless crotch

  • MeanMrMustard

    I'll let you hazard a guess : rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is super hot, the looks of both the waxer and the Karen.

    And then deduce the likely motivation.

  • Diogenesister
    MMMIt was only a big deal because a KH Karen overheard it in a conversation and felt that she had a duty to keep the congregation clean....and hairy!


    I mean what we should really be talking about is the insane amount of gossip in the Congs...with flappy ears talking about things that are not even remotely their business!! I'd be utterly ashamed to go reporting such things!

    (In sarf London we call them a grass!)

  • zachias

    My first wife was 'spoken to' for wearing an ankle length woollen skirt (it was winter) as it was worldly. Go figure?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    When we were High School we were good kids and we really tried to be good JW's but somehow our hair and or sideburns were always too long, 2 door cars were inappropriate for service, clothes too trendy etc etc, One evening my friend and I were sitting together during the meeting and the Presiding Overseer was sitting behind us. He leaned forward and whispered into my friends ear, "Get a hair cut or I'll pull your publishers card". My friend who had had about enough of the whole thing, whispered back "Pffft....go for it !"

    Another time we had a 50's party and some guys dressed as "greasers" and some girls dressed as "bobby soxers", somebody was Elvis and someone else was Marylin Monroe and another was Groucho Marx etc. The Circuit Overseer heard about it and when he visited the Congregation the following week, said that instead of imitating worldly people and sex goddesses from the 1950's, it would have been more proper for us to have dressed like JW's engaged in the ministry in the 1950's. (there was a lot of eye rolling and suppressed guffaws)

    Years later, when the Musician Prince passed away from a drug overdose, that same Circuit Overseer was was quoted in the media as having said that Prince was an approved Jehovah's Witness in good standing. Apparently a JW man prancing around on stage in androgynous dress and make-up singing sexually charged songs is ok but don't dress like a greaser at a 50's party.

  • minimus

    All great examples! Keep them coming!!

  • Rattigan350

    Mine was driving a 2 door car in service.

    I was handling the microphones and wore a shirt with the top button unbuttoned under the tie because the neck was too short.

    When I did the count, I walked too far up the aisle to count the people.

  • Overrated

    I was pulled in the room for so much. I got to the point where I told the PO I can't wait till I move out of my parents house. I'll never be in this stuff(a clean word to use) anymore, you can take it where the light don't shine.

  • hoser

    We are not in the gossip loop. One of the young sisters in the hall had a boyfriend from out of town. He was a real nice young guy had a good job attended the meetings and commented regularly. I even worked with him in service a few times. They got engaged and Mrs Hoser made the mistake of congratulating the couple at the Kingdom Hall. Turns out unbeknownst to us he wasn’t baptized. The shit really hit the fan. I got dragged in the back room with mrs hoser. We tried to explain no one told us his status but the elders wouldn’t let off on their tirade. They literally went ballistic on my wife.

  • zachias

    A brother would wear rings and was told not too.

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