What Were You or Someone You Knew Counseled For That Was Ridiculous?

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  • minimus

    Back in the day, tons of Witnesses were brought in the “back room “ to be counseled by elders because of their dress and grooming. Some elders frowned on mustaches or hair that went past a certain point on a male. Women were regularly harassed because their skirt was too long or too short or had a slit on the side.

    That’s just to name a few things. What were you counseled over that in reality was ridiculous??

  • Rocketman123

    I was counseled for having a little hair over my ears.

    I was told no more service or talks until it was cut.

    This was in the 70's when men were wearing their hair longer.

    There was a guy in the Hall that had bad scares on his face from a car accident so he wanted to wear a beard to cover those scares, he was told to cut it off or else.

  • minimus

    I caused an uproar at the circuit assembly when I had my daughter’s friend in an interview. She had a long dress to her ankles that had a slit that went BELOW HER KNEE. I got talked to about that one.. lol

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I don't know if you have them in the US, but in the UK we have got these places where you shoot each other with laser guns. You have to wear a kinda belt. And you only score a hit when you shoot the belt, from what I remember.

    I think the name is Quasar, or something like it.

    And there were several of us brothers who went to one of these places years ago, when I was 17.

    Each of us had to have a chat in the back room because of it.

    Shooting each other with laser guns apparently wasn't Christian, lol.

  • Biahi

    I was in seventh grade, age 12, I wore a t shirt to Kingdom Hall cleaning which said, “Try it, you’ll like it”. It was a popular slogan due to an Alka Seltzer commercial. I had to have a committee meeting with 3 elders questioning me about what I meant by wearing that shirt. They got nowhere with me lol. What a waste of their time and mine.

  • truth_b_known
    I was counseled for having a little hair over my ears.

    I was counseled for having my hair too short. I was having scalp problems and got a clipper cut. The District Overseer saw me at a Circuit Assembly working at the Attendants Desk and made a big deal.

    I was questioned about it, but when I told the elders it was for health reasons they paused. They told me I may not be able to give public talks and would let me know. I gave the public talk the next Sunday. Another elder told me my hair looked great.

  • minimus

    We had a CO’s wife that believed every sister, especially on Sundays should wear a hat. She and her husband were like a Father’s Know Best TV show or Ozzie and Harriet. He would have his Dick Tracy hat on and the wife would have hers on and they would criticize anyone that didn’t follow their example. They were odd but I actually got a kick out of them.

  • Overrated

    There was a place called Midevil Times that would have horse shows and knights and mock up sword fights as you feast on food. Apparently this is such an offense to the JW's even though you read about violence and sex in the bible and no blood is shed at the show. No one is hurt!?! The elders did not appreciate that I pointed out the examples of violence in bible.

  • minimus

    How about getting counseled because of your car not bring a “service car”!? Too small. If you want to purchase this type of vehicle, you are not putting kingdom interests first. Same goes for working ever Saturday. You can’t be an example to the flock if you aren’t out leading the flock on Saturday mornings.

  • digderidoo

    Five of us camped on a campsite for a Convention, all around 19-21 years old. It was one of those campsites the JWs takeover at Convention time, so there was alot there. We had a laugh one evening and into the night - nothing major happened, we just had fun, laughed alot and we were in bed around 10.30pm.

    Over the following week we were hauled individually into the back library room for counselling, for bringing reproach on Jehovah's name. We ate humble pie, apologised and promised that we wouldn't have fun again at Convention time.

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