My Husband Goofed Big

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  • little witch
    little witch

    I love him...

    But he goofed big...And I am soooo P. O.'ed

    We went shopping for groceries last night...

    brought the sacks in....

    Put away everything but the canned goods, due to more pressing matters...

    This morning, he took the trash off to work with him....To put in the dumpster where he works...Bless his little heart...



    Now stop laughing....its not funny.................freakin' stupid men.........


  • Elsewhere

    The other day I bought a big container of orange juice with my other groceries... I took everything in when I got home, but forgot the OJ in the trunk. A few days later I went to get some OJ and noticed it was not in the fridge... then it struck me... the trunk.

    The OJ had been sitting in my car for several days in 100+F temperatures... yup... it was spoiled.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Oh, Elsewhere,

    Thanks for the laugh...

    I am so upset.. It isnt like I could afford to lose my groceries...sigh...

    I just bought my kids their school clothes and supplies...


    I guess all I can do is laugh about it now.

    I went ballistic at first, then told him I was sorry, but he was a puppet head....didnt go over well.


    I know he didnt mean to, but.....DAMN!!!

  • StinkyPantz


    Thank you so much for the laugh!!

  • SheilaM


    Mels senior year she wanted some canned goods for Harvesters we were all over that since we give all the time ...PROBLEM she gave all of our good canned goods I mean a friggin ton of them and left us with like 6 cans of beans for chili.

    I was furious I thought she was taking like may 20 or so right but it was tons we keep quite a few. So we say MEL go to the store and purchase all the EXTRA can goods you gave to the school it was like $30.00 worth she comes back with the receipt and says (now this proves IQ means shit cause she has an high IQ) she says "Heres the receipt it was $30 blah blah when are you paying me back ....

  • little witch
    little witch

    Oh, Sheila.

    thats funny...

    Kids are more forgivable than husbands, I guess...

    I still wanna wring his little neck.....LOL

    You would think a 50 year old man would know better........

    Someone made a post here on the forum awhile back,

    "The only difference between kids and a husband, is you have to buy two kinds of cereal''


  • onacruse

    LW, of course you realize this is all your should have labeled the bags more clearly.

    Us guys aren't mind-readers, ya know.


  • little witch
    little witch


    Thats what husbands always say when they have done something stoopid!


    If you don't belive me, just ask Kate.

  • Yizuman


    Make sure he's wide awake before he makes the next move.

    He was still half asleep when he picked up the "trash" and dumped it.


  • Ravyn

    ok wanna hear this one? it will make you SICK....

    the family I lived with had 5 daughters and each wedding got progressively more expensive. The fourth daughter was the latest wedding and she picked out a $12,000 wedding gown---yes just the GOWN! they took out a loan and got a second mortgage on the house. OK so with the gown costing so much, they were trying to cut back on all the other expenses. The mother did all the flowers, the sisters did the catering, I mean we were running sewing machines day and night for table cloths and napkins etc.... So anyway the wedding was in the back yard and it was beautiful. But part of the cutting costs was that the gown was not put in the special wedding gown wrapping before it was to be sent off to the cleaners. Instead it got covered with a lawn and garden trash bag and hung in the garage...........

    you guessed it! $12,000 went out with the garbage! Dad cleaned out the garage and threw out all the trash bags that had piled up from the wedding reception debris...

    It was not even my gown, and I am still sick about that when I think of it! (This same daughter lost a family heirloom diamond ring and is now divorced.)


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