Can you believe the opening song at the memorial tonight?!

by Indian Larry 44 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • tiki

    Wow....some lyrics....they want all the worship for themselves....incredible their self adulation...

  • Funchback


    First, you are full off poo-poo when you say you are not supporting. Of course you are. All of your posts that I have read indicate that you are.

    And, also when you said "I am currently discussing this with a family member". You remind me of the JW who gets caught watching porn and says that he is doing research for a talk.

    You are of the Richard Oliver ilk.

    Then, to throw in this charm: "the first century apostles of Christ and other Christians (including women)."

    OK, then. Just don't ask them to carry a mic, among many other things they can't do on earth as JWs. Sure, they're good enough to co-rule with this Christ character and also help slaughter billions, including you and your family (since you are here associating with us condemned apostates), but they are unqualified to say an opening prayer.

  • sparrowdown

    Thanks for the little rotten review of what the memorial is all about Drearyweather it's so easy to forget what it's all about or even get confused by observing that abomination the JWs call "The Memorial" or as you reminded us "The Lord's Evening Meal."

  • Listener

    Spot on Sparrowdown.

  • stuckinarut2

    Simply put, that song was drawing attention to and praising HUMANS, rather than God or Jesus.....

  • Hecce


    8 hours ago
    I noticed that they did not mention the number of partakers from last year like they normally do. Kinda hard to explain when that number keeps going up
    The number was mentioned (15k) here and the speaker said the fact that it is a small number is proof we are in the time of the end.

    I think this speaker went off the reservation, if I remember correctly the number of partakers was excluded from the outline a few years back. His point about the small number is stupid when that number has almost doubled in recent history.
  • blondie

    Sounds like an new one that sucks especially. jws never sang with enthusiasm in my day, no good or loud voices allowed. No joy in their songs....

  • ToesUp

    True narcissists!

  • darkspilver

    Indian Larry: Can you believe the opening song at the memorial tonight?!

    Yeah, wifibandit revealed the opening (and closing) song on the updated 2017 Memorial Talk Outline he uploaded a couple of months ago here:

  • ambersun


    Thank you very much for your interesting comments. If I misunderstood the meaning of the song then I stand corrected (it doesn't take much to confuse me these days ) but I hope you agree it is an easy mistake to make when the song is written in the present tense, which does rather bring to mind those still living and active, not the vast majority of anointed who are dead.

    It would be interesting to know who the average rank and file JWs thought this song was about.

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