So ... Russia and Nato at war? Should we be worried?

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  • Greener

    She is currently under FBI criminal investigation. If she is charged and indicted by the justice department, it would essentially end her campaign. ie. the evidence accumulated by the FBI would end her candidacy.

    The American people would then have to decide/vote in the general election sans Hillary.

  • Greener

    Keep the faith Simon with the liar murderer Hillary. Check the polls. Trump wins..Rubio wins..Cruz wins Its early, but again you will be wrong. Its nothing new for you. You'll be slapped down again. You need any toilet paper?

    Cowards and left wing loonies such as yourself will never learn. But can't vote in America. Ha..tisk tisk.

  • Simon

    Sure, keep repeating it and it might come true! I can tell you are a "belieber", LOL. Click your ruby slippers together and say "there's no candidate Hillary ..."

    And if all else fails just keep chanting "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi" and you might convince someone.

    I actually thought the email server was the worst thing for her but the republicans couldn't make anything of it so the moment passed.

    "liar murderer Hillary" ... now I know you are a Trump supporter. Same grasp of politics. It would explain a lot.

    I have faith that the American people will make the right choice. The republicans choosing a nominee? Not so much ...

  • prologos

    Is this is about Turkey or the turkeys lining up to run Amerika? at least the Republicans have Marco Rubio, the David Splane look-alike with hair. Ronald Reagan had hair and balls too, brains reserved for his advisors. this is not about the oil, it's the gas. More variables here to confound all prophets.

    added. what a good excuse for Russia to totally arm their military presence in Syria. another outpost, like Okinawa. Guam. Diego Garcia.

  • Simon

    Rubio is one of the better ones at delivering lines but only because he's usually being compared to Bush. If you notice he still stumbles over his lines a lot though and everything sounds way over rehearsed like a car salesman. Yes Marco, we know ... you are the son of immigrants ... your father owned a bar ...

    At least Trump speaks like it's not prepared. The problem is it's too much like he's not thought about it at all and is just making it up.

    Carson is always in the middle of thinking about it.

    Cruz and Huckerbee think Jesus is telling them what to say.

    Fat boy whatsisface who shuts roads is being out-shouted by Trump.

    There are a couple lower down the order who seem almost semi-sensible but you just know they have no hope in the current party.

    The Republicans are becoming the US equivalent of the UK labor party. Yes, they used to get elected. Now they try to relive the old days with candidates for elections long since past and wonder why their support is always shrinking.

    Tell us more about how the FBI are going to save the world from the evil murdering Hillary greener ... (is that a vein in your head? should it be throbbing like that?)

    And apologies to any rational republican supporters. I would prefer to discuss the issues but sometimes it's like you have a custard pie in your hand and someone is sticking their face out ... what'ya gonna do? It's hard to resist ...

  • myelaine
  • kaik
    Russia does not have sufficient resources to threaten Turkey due ongoing recession, war in Ukraine, and international isolation. Capital is leaving Russia, and their reserve funds will be depleted by next summer with present rate of deterioration in economic condition. So Russia has to balance its involvement in Syria with uncertain outcome. I still do not think Russia has as much to maneuver, but it does not mean Turkey will not experience its revenge. The biggest gain Russia can achieve from Turkish humiliation is to undermine its ethnic balance by supporting Kurdish separatists. Russians are also top business and tourist partners of Turkey. Additionally, Putin can try put some NATO countries like France against Turkey.
  • truthseeker100
    Kaik I believe u
  • Bobcat

    Russia is saying they are moving S-400 sams to their base in Syria (for some info, here). They will then be in a position to have Assad announce that Syria is no longer allowing uninvited foreign aircraft into their airspace. And they will have the means to enforce it. American ability/resolve will then come into question a bit more, pushing America to make their obligatory tit-for-tat.

    All the logic about why they wouldn't engage each other (east vs west) is good, but sometimes events take a course that neither side intended. I see them moving in a way that reminds me of how WWI got started. I wonder if ISIS might not like the idea of propagating an east-west war as a means further their own caliphate.


  • TheWonderofYou

    Update to the question who are the people who are reported to have killed russian pilots

    ‘Turkmen’ who killed Russian pilot turns out to be son of Turkish mayor , member of grey-wolves.
    "Apparently the commander of this militant pack Alpaslan “Celik” Steel is the son of a former Turkish mayor and is associated with the Turkish MHP party. "

    Who are the Turkmen that are reported to have killed two Russian pilots?

    Daily Telegraph:
    Who are the Turkmen that are reported to have killed two Russian pilots?
    "The downing of a Russian fighter jet on Syria’s Mount Turkmen has thrown the spotlight on to its inhabitants, part of the broader Turkmen community that stretches across northern Syria and Iraq.
    In Syria the Turkmen, who are linguistically and ethnically Turkish, live alongside Arabs and Kurds, but have mostly aligned with non-jihadist anti-Assad rebel groups.
    They historically objected to the Arab nationalism of the Assad regime’s Baath party, which stressed assimilation to the Arab language and culture. In turn, the regime has frequently regarded them as a fifth column working in favour of Ankara.
    Around a dozen Turkmen militias have formed, some directly supported by the Turkish government. It is one of these, Alwiya al-Ashar, that isreportedly holding one of Russia's downed pilots.
    They have been fighting alongside other rebel groups, including the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra and more moderate brigades, in Latakia province which runs to the sea along the Turkish border in the north-west.
    In recent days, thousands of civilians have fled over the border, saying they feared Russian bombing raids in support of regime forces in the area. Another 5,000 arrived at a refugee camp at Arfali, on the Syrian side of the border.
    According to the governor of the Turkish province of Hatay, Ercan Topaca, 28 civilians arrived injured and one died in hospital.
    The clash that led to the downing of the Russian jet today may be connected to that fighting.
    Alwiya al-Ashar is linked to a Turkish and CIA-backed logistics supply programme that funnels a near-constant stream of small arms, ammunition, and cash for salaries to rebel groups across northern Syria.

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