So ... Russia and Nato at war? Should we be worried?

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  • mana11

    Oct 19, 2015 - Three Turkish Air Force aircraft breached Greek air space a total of 31 times on Monday, military authorities in Athens said.

    I think the shooting down of the Russian Plane makes it very clear whom turkey supports, ISIS. Just across their border is Terrorists supported by Turkey, they are even treating ISIS fighters in turkey hospitals, Turkey has been doing some very strange Blockades (remember when they wouldn't let Kurds cross to assist to retake Kobani? and other links mentioned here - and attacks which appear to show their hand several times in support of ISIS. Turkey doesn't like the Kurds nor Assad.

    With Russia taking out Terrorist factions close to their border gave opportunity to assist by shooting down a Russian plane & a Helicopter. And if you think oh these are just the USA and Turkey supported Rebels fighting Assad, then WHY did they kill the Russian Pilots that ejected?. Since they are ALL fighting ISIS.

    Clearly they Are ISIS.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well, I heard that everyone had better buy Ham for Xmas this there will be no "Turkey" very soon!


  • smiddy

    LoL stuck , but then , Putin is no Krushev .


  • Pistoff

    Putin is the leather jacket thug of the world.

    He has pushed so many countries' buttons with flying too close to borders, buzzing their jets, the list goes on and on.

    That is just the obnoxious behavior; the criminal behavior and KGB style sleight of hand is more serious.

    Estimates put hundreds of deaths of journalists during his time in power.

    Evidently Turkey was not going to put up with intentional violation of their airspace.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I am more worried on proxy war escalation. Russia will not start war with NATO, but it will punish Turkey. Russia will not let anyone crap on her, but it will calculate political cost on internal scene. The best way Russia can punish Turkey is to support Kurdish separatism.
    Every family has the idiot who gets drunk at weddings and starts a fight. NATO has Turkey.
    Unlike the rest of NATO Turkey's agenda is selfish and motivated by ethnic and religious allegiance. Their decision to shoot down a Russian plane was idiotic. Of course Russia should not have been so close to Turkish air space but so what? They flew across a projection of Turkey's border for a total of 17 seconds. They had left Turkey and were back in Syria when they were attacked.c
    It should have been the sort of incident where rational, intelligent governments summon the ambassador to a meeting without coffee.
    Turkey cannot be trusted any more than Putin can.
    NATO should make it absolutely clear to Turkey they have no intention of backing them up. It's the only reasonable response to prevent escalation.
    Put these three statements together and you have my take on the situation. Whatever may transpire, nuclear war will not be a part of the end result in this instance.
  • supernerdboy

    I agree, everyone thinks the nuke is the ultimate weapon when in fact it is not. Nukes even the big ones only totally destroy one city even if they can send shock-waves that shatter glass 1000 miles away. There are modern traditional bombs that have just as much 1st level destruction without being dicks and ruining the earth at the same time.

    Funny that this does not get as much coverage as 1 person being shot in other places. More unacceptable is the fact that 10's of millions die each year and 20+% of the news covers the tiny little bits of death and call it tragedy while ignoring the other 50 million. It reminds me of a magician saying look over here.

  • Formerbrother
    Anglo America is the king of the South, I think China/Russia could be the king of the North that Daniel chapter 2 says will do battle in the time of the end.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    I think this will blow over in afew one is dumb enough to go to war over this. They are both in the wrong.
  • supernerdboy
    If china and russia team up for WW3 'fun' (/sarcasm) things will happan. ;-) Remind me what the king of the north is suppose to do?
  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Global economy, trade deals, and the currency market helps deter any escalation to world war. The repercussions are more likely cyber warfare, proxy wars, terrorism, currency manipulation, ect...

    There are no winners in a major world war with today's current technology.

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