So ... Russia and Nato at war? Should we be worried?

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  • TheWonderofYou

    I think we should be worried.

    A former secret agent (Rupp) thinks that the turk waited for a possibilty to shoot down the russian jet and that behind the case american military circles are responsible, who want to provoce Russia. Surviving pilot said there was no warning from turkish said. No contact at all.

    Turkish ambassdor in US. Serdar Kilic sent twitter warning to Russia. "This is warning.. Turkey is a country that is to take seriously..dont put our patiece to the test..try to win us as friend"

    Who will take Turkey seriously after that twitter message?

    "Has Turkey get trapped in the trap of Bilderberg", asks a comment on facebook? The person speculates that Turkey will not survive like Islam will not, when the new world order will be established. By shooting down the russian plane Turkey wants to carry favor with the NATO allies., but the results for his erdogans country will be bad. CIA-Bilderberger-USA laugh up one's sleeve. They understand how to spur the contradicting countries in orient to war, according to that Facebook-comment.

    Its a time when everybody is looking again for allies. That sounds not so good.

    Another newpaper writes: Europe is happy to have Russia again as friend and ally now. Perhaps after this change in Europe, Turkey wanted no-fly-zone next to turkish border, perhaps the shoot down has US-rear cover, to show its loyality to congress, pentagon and CIA in USA now, after US. always denied the Moskow sends his foreign minister next monday to ankara,Turkey.

    The situation in Syria will not be better for many years in the future, while the fight for the gas will endure.

    and Djihad will spread worldwide, while the fighrers will hide in all towns.

  • fulltimestudent

    1.Likely, behind this act of war (?), is Turkish opposition to Kurdish Independence and Russian support for at least some Kurds. The possible winners from this mess will be the Kurds with an independent nation, putting pressure on Turkey to cede its ethnic Kurdish areas to the new Kurdish nation.

    2. Its doubtful that there will be any serious consequences (yet!) but note the next Russian move. From today's Asian Times:

    "Russia will deploy the powerful S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile defense system to its base in Latakia, Syria, as part of its response to Turkey shooting down one its Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer bombers.Russia S-400 surface-to-air-missilesRussia S-400 surface-to-air-missiles
    Meanwhile, Russia is also moving the missile cruiser Moskva, which is armed with a naval version of the much-feared S-300 missile system called the Fort(Rif-M)­—to the Syrian coast near the Turkish border.

    Additionally, the Russian defense ministry has stated that, henceforth, all Russian strike aircraft will be escorted by fighters—which likely means additional Sukhoi Su-30SM Flankers could be deployed to the region."

    Next time a Russian plane is hit, the hitman will take a serious hit in return.

    (Sorry, cant straighten out the formatting in the quotation.)

  • TheWonderofYou

    Russia has the right to defent itself. But why did the moderat rebels say that they killed both pilots of the shot down jet, and now one is alive.? And why did the russian jet fly so near the turkish border? Open questions.

    fulltimestudent: Hi, as for the Kurds, i read the same in the news. That would be a god step, that this people gets its own land after so many persecution in the past. They show how islam can be, even women are fighters and have all rights like men, got bless them, the female fighters of the kurdish YPJ, but the ISIS preaches that Kurds are Apostates. I follow the news of the female YPJ fighters on Twitter since Kobane. Where would we be without the YPJ the Women's Protection Units (Kurdish: Yekîneyên Parastina Jin ) and the YPG (People's Protection Units) today in the fight against extremists? God bless Rojava.

  • Simon
    I'm still scratching my head as to just what Russia's long-term goal is in invading all these little former Soviet countries and their neighbors.
    Is Putin trying to resurrect the USSR or something?

    Pretty much ...

    Putin's claim on power is largely based on re-strengthening Russia and restoring their respect but with oil prices crashing that has thrown a spanner into the works for the economy.

    He's been making aggressive foreign policy moves with Crimea, the Ukraine and now Syria / Iraq and ISIS most likely to distract the attention of the population and stir up some nationalism.

    But why did the moderate rebels say that they killed both pilots of the shot down jet, and now one is alive.?

    Which "moderate" rebels? They are all guilty of different atrocities which is why the ultra naive and simplistic (typically Republican) "give guns to one side" isn't so easy and clear cut.

    Assad is a bad guy. Rebels are fighting him. But then he is fighting ISIS. Who also fight the rebels.

    Who should we arm? Probably none of them.

    Syrian and Assad are an ally of Russia who seem equally happy to bomb both ISIS and the rebels (more the rebels until the airliner bomb).

  • TheWonderofYou
    In recent days, thousands of civilians have fled over the border, saying they feared Russian bombing raids in support of regime forces in [a Turkmen-populated] area ... theclash that led to the downing of the Russian jet today may be connected to that fighting," Telegraph Middle East correspondents Louisa Loveluck and Richard Spencer write.

    The turkmen a turk-population (an ethnic syrian minority)in syria has fought against assad and has been persecuted by Assad, and Turkeys parliament has declared to assist this turkish minority in Syira. The turkmen-rebells were that lovely one with which aid of them Turkeys Erdogan wanted to establish a protection zone in Syria, but now Russia tries to win as much terrain as possible of the turkmen region before the peace comes to the benetift of Assad. Turkmen got only some weak weapons from Turkey

  • barry
    The Russian plane was in Turkish airspace for 17 seconds during that time the Turks claimed they warned the Russians 10 times. Thats 1.7 seconds per warning. The Turks can't even tell a good lie
  • Quarterback
    The End is really near, now
  • TheWonderofYou
    Latest news. Turkish military invited Russian military in its HQ to explain the incident. One pilot survived, denies that he was warned.

    meanwhile Russia agrees to a joint agenda, even togehter with turkey against ISI...L
  • Simon

    Yes, Turkey is also backing a side in the Assad-ISIS-Rebel-Russia-Nato conflict.

    How can anything go wrong ...

  • TheWonderofYou

    Another version about the shot down pilot

    Speaking on Russian television after his rescue, Murakhtin said he knew the area where his plane came down “like the back of my hand”. He was receiving medical treatment and said he wanted to stay in Syria and continue flying missions.

    The dead pilot was named by Russia as Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov. One of the rescue helicopters sent to search for the men was hit by rebel fire, forcing it to make an emergency landing. One of the marines on board, Alexander Pozynich, was killed.

    The whole article in The Guardian

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