When you were fully in, did you believe that you would not die?

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  • NotNew

    Yes...but, I felt I could dye from "normal" ways, accident or illness...but surely not growing old and dying in this old system, as Armageddon would come and save me/us. That was the teaching. That was the carrot, you would never grow old and die in this present system of things! - if you keep doing what you are told to do!



    Are JWs still taught/told that they will never die? That death will not touch God's sole channel of communication to the world?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Still. Gods God's prophets say it is the final minutes of the last day. See other posts.

    We are not going to have a worry about toilet paper or getting old.

  • LongHairGal


    I honestly never really believed this and thought it was a mental exercise. It went in one ear and out the other.

    I got involved with the JWs because I was interested in end-time prophecy. This teaching of ‘not dying’ was the carrot on the stick that I think lured people into the Witness religion!..Everybody remembers years ago their famous saying: “Millions Now Living Will Never Die”..Very cruel really..All those people have passed away.

  • waton

    never thought about dying or not. joined the witnesses ( joy?nd) because, at least in Europe, they were not guilty when "God would destroy those destroying the Earth". So, yeah, war death would cease when that should happen.

    still not really worried about dying. compared to being born, dying is easy.

  • Tantalon

    Yes, I fully believed that I would not die, except for accidental death.I was born in and 17 years old when the big A failed to arrive in 75.

    I am hopeful for a long life as I have good genes and good health but who knows? Just trying to enjoy the ride.

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