Former Jehovah's Witness admits: We targeted grief-stricken as 'ripe fruit'

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    my uber elder brother told me that JWs like going out on holidays like xmas, mothers day, fathers day or any other day to find potential recruits. He said that days like that, people who are alone are ripe for the picking.

    He told me that he has [on more than one occasion] found people in tears from loneliness and he was smiling as he told me.

    What a f+#@%^! disgrace the WTS is. What horrible, judgmental, hypocritical, lying behavior the WTS teachings promote to their members.

    Nothing like lying for the truth

  • Finkelstein

    Of course this is not new and it can be seen at JW funerals where after the talk about a new Paradise earth to come and the following resurrection.

    This is how many got involved in this cult, by being in a sensitive off balanced vulnerable emotional state.

    Divorce, death of a loved one etc.

  • Lieu

    Meh, lying. Only the reason mankind was given the death sentence. And that whole Satan fellow being the "father of the lie", pfffft!

    No biggie. Let's all lie, it's fine. We'll just call lying "spiritual warfare". Cause calling that poop in the toilet "rolos" changes everything.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I recall a number of years ago how some sister got my ex wife to go through the news paper obituary and write to people who had just lost a loved one

    I have a workmate who was called on by a JW who had gotten his name and address off of a registry at a mutual acquaintance's funeral. Lord knows how many others on the registry they called on.

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