so whats with the dresses

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  • Sabin

    O.K. so here is the thing, I love trousers/pants always have even as a kid I was such a Tom Boy, always up trees, covered in mud, skate boarding you know the ADHD type (basically off my tree out of control) As I got older I still liked my trousers, it's what I'm comfortable in that & P.J's. I love my P.J's. So I hated that every time I went to the hall I had to wear a stupid skirt. Why cant i where jeans & be comfortable & happy. Really what is the deal with that? You go to the assembly it's more like a fashion show, even the older sisters are in competition it drove me insane. There's all the beauties in their rich garments wearing what i would say is way to much make up, in a pair of stilts, dripping in gold. It looks more like a brothel convention. I don't see what the problem is with wearing a nice trouser suit, i love suits & ties, I want to be a man, it's not fair.

  • ToesUp
    I'm with you. Since I left 3 years ago, no more skirts for me. Sweatpants and flip flops for this one! Rock on!
  • Dagney

    Oh gosh, I hear ya. I attended a memorial at the KH last week, and had to pull a skirt out of the back recesses of my closet!! Then oy the garments I had to layer on! I dress professional every day for work...I would have looked perfectly fine in trousers. I wore the skirt because I just didn't want the pants to be an issue; I wanted the day to be only about the person who had passed.

    It's a stupid rule by a stupid organization.

  • LV101

    Those ole losers making the rules and keeping women back in the dark ages and wanting them to look like the 50s. I think the Morman women were protesting within last couple yrs to wear pants. I don't know if they accomplished anything.

    Pant suits, beautiful slacks and tops/sweaters are so classy coordinated right just as dresses/skirts -- and comfy. Guess there's not enough leg to glare at with trousers/slacks on. My Catholic friends have been going to mass for decades with jeans/slacks on. I really think some of the Org's women feel important dressing up and we know they'd never stand up for their rights or protest even if --- won't happen.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    What can they do to you if you wore pants, ask you to leave? I have never

    heard of anyone getting DF for wearing pants. Show me from the bible.

  • JakeM2012
    With some of the latest talks from the governing body, they probably feel if you want to wear a pants suit as a woman, you have homosexual tendencies and will eventually become a transvestite. LOL
  • LV101

    My friend, an ex-witness, was attending a meeting (just the public talk) now and then because of a friend or two, pressure, etc., and would wear her pantsuit because she had to race to work immediately thereafter. She was treated coldly and the sisters (many she knew for yrs.) were very standoffish. She felt it was because the way she was dressed.

    She was followed to her car by an elder(s) few times and they'd express how nice it was for her to return (visit/whatever) and how much they missed her and welcomed her back, etc. She let them know she was not interested in returning and that she'd not committed any sins for them to be concerned with. She'd never been DF'd nor reproved but she and her elder husband had walked away because of horrifying pedophilia case in this congregation.

    She nor her husband were raised in the cult so maybe it was easier for them to leave - no family to shun them but she did lose many friends.

  • Diogenesister

    I agree - they just don't get the message - those spikey 6 inch heels, the skirt may go to the knee but its tight as hell fishtail - personally U hate those clothes no taste whatsoever loads of gold etc bright pinks yuk! Where's the spirit if modesty & humility? Lack of vanity? Screams look at me I'm fertile if you ask me.

    I know it's the only pleasure witness girls get but it's embarrasing.

    In polynesia the men wear skirts as its traditional costume and so in china women wear trousers traditionally. Isn't it about what is considered acceptable in whatever culture you live ? So why can't we wear trousers which are normal wear for western women. Pathetic.

  • stillin
    How are you going to throw one leg over the arm of the chair if you're wearing a skirt?
  • Sabin

    Diogenesister, In Polynesia the men wear skirts as it's traditional costume. I have to say I'm slightly partial to the Kilt. Those highlanders are real men, it's freezing up there & they wear no knickers LOL either they got rocks of steel or something to be proud of. I wonder if they wear them like that to the KH. All the scott men in skirts & the girls in troosers, what do you think old fat head Morris would make of that?

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