Why is the white race so different?

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  • redvip2000
    I think it does, because I can see the differences and there are other unseen differences.

    Yup, course it does. There is a reason why the medical community understands that certain medical conditions are more prevalent in certain races. It's not because people are 100 % the same.

  • cofty

    100m Olympic final - no gingers.

  • TD

    You think the way to identify a race is based on a visual observation?


    As I've already pointed out, "race" is an untenable concept that was abandoned by anthropologists. --So long ago that even dictionaries today point out that the term is no longer in technical use

    The challenge here is for people who do accept the idea.

    Even so, and despite you picking images of people who could perhaps be a mixture of different races.

    To be fair to you, it is a trick question, but not in the way that you seem to think. As I stated, those examples are fairly typical representatives within their respective ethnic groups.

    I could likely make an educated guess.

    I'd like to hear it.

    As i said before, in many places the differences between races is more tenuous because there is interbreeding between races.

    What races? Give me the formal names.

  • hothabanero

    lol what a disaster thread. Liberals crying "racism" the moment race gets mentioned without considering the facts. The moment you treat a scientific question like that is the moment u become a cult.

    Blacks are better at running, why is it weird to ask if other races are better at other things?

    Common sense dictate that if u have 5 races (or whatever) that LOOK differently, they properly ARE different in other aspects too. This might not be politically correct, but facts are stubborn things lol.

  • hothabanero

    Getting an idea about the difference between the different races will be of great benefit to everyone. Consider:

    1. Different treatment in hospitals bc of race-specific genetics
    2. Different dietary needs for kids in school depending on race
    3. difference in educational programs
    4. difference in how social issues are solved (housing, etc.)

    ppl just automatically assume that whenever u suggest someone should look into this stuff it is bc he want to discriminate against blacks, etc. nothing could be further 2 the truth. figuring this stuff out using REAL SCIENCE (not fake social science where the outcome is given 2 begin with) is the first step towards making optimal decisions.

    No wonder liberals are against it lol!

  • Landy
    100m Olympic final - no gingers.

    Which is suprising really. The gingers at my school had to be REALLY fast runners!

  • David_Jay
    Why is the white race so different?

    This is a trick question, right? You have at least one Jew, myself, on this site, and someone is asking this kind of question.

    Oy vey! Goyim. Go figure.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    100m Olympic final - no gingers -

    And in similar vein, Olympic swimming world record holders - no blacks ...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Which is suprising really. The gingers at my school had to be REALLY fast runners! -

    But the blacks train against lions and cheetahs, that's why they're better!

  • cofty
    What races? Give me the formal names

    Conversations about racial differences always end up as pointless semantic debates.

    Every attempt to divide humans up into groups is doomed to failure. There will always be exceptions and anomalies. What groupings somebody uses depends on their purpose. All systems are of course social constructs but they reflect real things.

    A doctor considering a diagnosis of sickle-cell might have a more nuanced system in his mind from a policeman who has been asked to look out for an IC3 male.

    We fear that paying too much attention to what distinguishes one group from another leads to discrimination. It is a legitimate concern. It's uncontroversial to observe that exceptional athletic ability is more commonly found among men whose ancestors originate in sub-Saharan Africa or that people from China are more likely to be lactose intolerant. According to some contributors to this this thread asking why some groups have more variety in hair and eye colour is highly controversial!

    Should investigating questions about other potential differences be taboo for science? I'm not certain either way.

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