Ladies: Circumcision or not?

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  • TD

    Kate wild has a Jewish background, so it makes sense that she has only seen male circumcision as a positive thing.

    I'm Jewish and (of course..) snipped and I would not do that to a son if I had one. (My children were all daughters.)

    That it destroys a fair amount of nerve endings is a fact. That it is often intensely painful can and has been empirically demonstrated by measuring stress hormones in the infant's blood. That the child doesn't remember this pain later in life and on that basis, it is therefore okay, is basically the same excuse offered by child molesters as a defense. We as a society have collectively decided that remembrance (Or more precisely, the lack thereof) is not a defense.

    We as parents allow our children to undergo painful procedures (e.g. a tonsillectomy) when there is a justifiable purpose to it. That circumcision serves no justifiable purpose in developed countries anymore is also a fact.

  • ILoveTTATT2
    There may be exceptions, but I guess KateWild hadn't thought of the damage male circumcision does with a Jewish background as JW's have probably not thought of the damage shunning does if they have never seen "apostate" literature. It is "just the thing you do". It is only once you are out and start considering facts, figures, etc... that you realize that what you have thought of as innocuous could actually be very harmful.

    I hope this clarifies my point.
  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I have heard comments justifying the procedure like these:

    We wanted our son to look like his dad down there, or,

    We think circumcision 'looks' better.

    Ok......, now what about these comments:

    I think stretching the neck and lips of a young African girl makes her 'look' more attractive.

    I think Chinese baby girls should have their feet bound because it makes them more feminine.

    Female circumcision is ok because it will make a girl 'smell sweeter' for her husband.

    Withholding life saving medical procedures (like blood transfusions) from our child is ok because that's what we believe.

    Unless circumcision is done for a valid medical reason, it is just parents forcing their beliefs or traditions on their children

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