Ladies: Circumcision or not?

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  • tiki
    Hah I thought this query was about female circumcision. I prefer the circumcised male organ.
  • KateWild

    I had my son circumcised also. No big deal. I don't think it's as abusive as being in a cult and being shunned.

    Kate xx

  • sowhatnow

    its appalling to do that to a child.

    I could not do that to my son. plus Im not Jewish, lol so why would I.

    the foreskin has a purpose, to protect glands. to protect from dirt germs and damage.

    it also supposedly helps a male feel more sexual stimulation.

    Ill never understand why a Jewish cult would cut off skin on a body part that is hidden instead of perhaps modifying an ear lobe, or wearing special garments, which is visible to everyone.

    wasn't that the point? to be visibly different?lol did they walk around naked?

    female circumcision is a brutality against women to keep them from experiencing any pleasure in life, by suspicious mentally damaged men.

    they have no idea the physical damage and lifelong pain they cause to the little girls they violently do that to. so many bleed to death and die and are physically damaged to the point of excruciating pain for life.

    sick men, id like to cut off their dicks and see how they can pee and have sex after that.

  • KateWild

    What is appalling about removing foreskin?

    Many people say the penis is cleaner and less susceptible to infection without foreskin.

    How do you know about sexual stimulation? There isn't any research that can be done to compare this.

    Kate xx

  • Heaven

    Wonderment said: It is hard to understand why some people react so strongly against the practice

    I suspect you are unfamiliar with the ancient rituals of both male and female circumcision. You may want to research them to understand the outrage.

    Circumcision should only be done if there is a medical need to do it.

  • sowhatnow

    kate, there is research. Ive read it. here are just a few. its old traditional mentality that gets in the way of logic and reason. which is why were here now, we done away with twisted reasoning from a religion.the same applies to medical research.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Are there no men out there who had to have a circ later in life who can chime in here?

    I know of a couple of guys who had to do so, but don't know them well enough to say "Hey, which way 'feels better" when you're 'doin it'?" Of course, these gents were in their 60s when that happened, so I'm pretty certain it was "better" before, at least years before.

    Most (none?) of us were not involved in the decision to be circumcised.

    When our sons were born, the ob doc's reasons for encouraging it were:

    1) He witnessed his father go thru the misery of the procedure in later life -- vs. "Do you remember it?:

    2) Over 80% of American men are circumcised. Probably a higher percentage in our mostly white, middle class midwestern community. Thus the question, "Do you want your son to be the guy that looks "different" in the locker room?"

    I think unless you can convince the average American dad that he has missed out on a great part of a dramatically better sex life because he was "cut", it's will be a long time before there is a big decline in the "custom" in this part of the world.



  • talesin

    Ummm, the OP is asking women if it makes a difference. I would guess that means "cut or uncut, which do you prefer in the bedroom, and for cleanliness?".

    My answer is, for the woman, it makes no difference to sexual pleasure. As for cleanliness; if a guy is a slovenly pig, then his equipment will be dirty. It has nothing to do with circumcision.

    As for this,

    the foreskin has a purpose, to protect glands. to protect from dirt germs and damage.
    it also supposedly helps a male feel more sexual stimulation.

    Yes, of course! And re the sensitivity, well DUH! That is just common sense, and also medically proven, if I recall correctly.

    But it's OKAY to cut an infant - they can only scream and submit to your will? Just thinking about it, makes me cringe.

    There's no need to feel guilty if you had this done to your child, in ignorance. "When we know better, we do better."

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I wasnt circumcised but have a small foreskin so i have the best of both worlds.

    The stimulation angle is that with an exposed glans will get desensitised a bit by being rubbed on clothing etc over time, but it is very minimal and probably an advantage sexually to have it dialled back a little anyway.

    As long as the man keeps it all cleaned properly it really wont make a difference. there's the aesthetics obviously and i think a small foreskin with exposed glans is the right combo functionally and aesthetically, but then i am biased.

  • talesin

    WMF,,,,,,, "best of both worlds", gotsta love that.

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