Ladies: Circumcision or not?

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  • snare&racket

    If you pull your eyes out, you will never get an eye infection again.......

  • prologos

    Freeandclear: "--Thus when a foreskin is removed there go all those pleasurable nerve endings too. but the nerves are still there and send signals, right at the climax.

    uhateexamins: Yeah you would hate to examine an unwashed uncircumcised protrusion's interior. . Many people say the [circumcised] penis is cleaner - a regularly-washed intact penis is just as clean as a regularly-washed circumcised penis. ---open air kills many, odorous, malfaisant bacteria, bacteria that would be transferred into other fitting female folds.

    How long between washes? in between, the circumcised penis is cleaner, the longer in between, the cleaner. and: every shower is a circumcised penis' wash, and then there is the ever present fresh air, perhaps even some ultraviolet radiation in the nudists outdoors.

    Snare&Racket: "If you pull your eyes out, you will never get an eye infection again.. with due respect Doctor, the analogy, would be cut the eyelids, not the eye, now, if only the foreskins would blink ! welcome back!

  • JWdaughter
    My son had issues from not being circumcised. Not fatal, but uncomfortable and requiring medical attention. Next son was circumcised. Doc said it hurt me more than him. He cried more from waking up with a wet diaper. Felt bad, but eh, that one had no issues.
  • JWdaughter

    Female circumcision: my experience was knowing family where the wife had been circumcised as a young child. It is done by women to girls usually. It is cultural and according to husband, men would prefer a wife that enjoys sex and didn't avoid it. He found no value in it in any way. Wife accepted the family tradition, but she is a doctor and knows better. It hasn't ruined her life with a loving husband and healthy children, but it is not a tragedy, just a wistful regret for what could have been. Another friend said he refused to marry anyone who had been because he was cautioned by a older family member.

    He didn't want a daughter because he didn't want the fight about it with in laws-who had done it to his niece w/o consent from parents. The maternal grandma was a dinosaur. Husband and wife both opposed but tradition dies slowly. These people are well educated and not living in a village.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I'm an American and I did not have my son circumcised. My opinion was that I was sick as a dog for the 9 months it took to grow him, so I wasn't letting anybody cut any part of his little body off.

    Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics found no benefit for it and could not recommended it.

    My husband is circumcised, but did his research on the subject. Watching a circumcision performed and the screaming that resulted on the internet put him in the firm NO camp, too.

    My son is 14 years old now and has not requested a circumcision, so I think we made the right decision. :)

  • Hadriel

    @GrreatTeacher is there's no man alive that can tell you the difference. I mean if you are you can't say what it's like if you aren't and if you aren't what it's like if you are.

    So outside of the medical cleanliness argument we will never know!

    On a side note it has always made me wonder why God would create man uncircumcised and then tell him to circumcise. Did he screw up? Makes me wonder I tell ya.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Circumcision gained popularity in the US during WWII. American soldiers were circumcised in a bid to prevent "venereal disease."

    Then they came home and when they had sons of their own felt a strange need that son should look like Daddy, so circumcised them and it became popular for several decades.

    Finally it was figured out that circumcision wasn't really all that effective at preventing sexually transmitted infections, but the trend was to cut.

    It is slowly getting less popular in the US, but there is still a lot of talk about people being worried that son would look different than daddy which I really don't understand.

    When my son was little and brought this up, my husband just told him the truth, "The doctor cut the end off when I was a baby." Son felt bad for his dad that he had a bad doctor that would do something like that! Easy peasy.

  • prologos
    JWdaughter: "-Doc said it hurt me more than him-". take it from one that had it done once with, and before without total anesthesia, being put to sleep is the only way to go.
  • Gilbeath Haaraloth
    Gilbeath Haaraloth
    I think we can all agree on one thing............ a real GOD would never ask his creation to mutilate their genitals, male or female. Jehovah is a loser.
  • KateWild

    wow I didn't realise that so many people who are not males that had been circumcised had such strong views. And whilst what has been said is relevant and sensible it doesn't substantiate that all males that have been circumcised feel as if they had been mutilated or emotionally abused.

    My son is more traumatised with other things in WT during his life than missing foreskin, my brother is unaffected by his circumcision and my father is unaffected by his.

    I don't feel I was abusive or any members of my family were. But I am certainly going to discuss the pros and cons with my children and get them to do some research to draw their own conclusions and I will not give them a bias view that they should continue to circumcise sons to follow my family decisions.

    This thread has given me food for thought. Thank you all for giving me this new perspective that I have mutilated and abused my son.

    Kate xx

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