Weird Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite


    Well, lets see, The organization is composed of a much of people who hope and pray that the world as we know it will be destroyed by god any day now.

    No sounds pretty normal to me.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Are there any normal people in JWs?

  • LV101

    I think many join because they love the idea of justice in a crazy unjust world. They've seen/experienced family turmoil, a crazy parent or mental/physical/sexual abuse. Loser parents run roughshod on innocent children - there are gazillions of jealous, envious, controlling, egg/sperm donors, (and that's all they are in my book!), in the world. I think of my childhood friends and out of several there may have been one, adequate, responsible, parent. Thus cults have a wide open market for recruits who want to right the wrongs of life and do better especially before science revealed reality or got through the ignorant skulls of many of us.

    Plus years ago many of us were brainwashed that only churches could provide high morals and once many become parents they want their own children to be protected from the terrible world. It's been mind control.

  • pale.emperor

    I think it's a mixture of wieros joining the religion and the religion creating wierdos from the lonely/attention seeking type. I used to say even when I was in that "this religion attracts nutters." And it does. The idea of living in a vegitarian socialist utopia where we'll all wear 70s slacks and walk about petting lions and get to spend an eternity passing fruit to eachother in national dress and live in a treehouse.

    There's seems to be at least one crazy in every congregation. In my last one it was a toothless old crone who used to bring a babies pram with black bin bags full of... "something"... we never did learn what it was.

  • AshleyCollins

    yes. you are right. my mom told me only broken people are going into the organization and as i was thinking about it, she is right. these "weirdos" need some hope and feel to be loved i guess.... because outside people know how to get their own hope in life and they will not join any weird cult...

  • LV101

    I read yrs. ago that a team of psychologists' report indicated the WT was one of the most successful and proficient mind-control groups in the world. The literature is the key -- at the heart of their recruiting.

  • Vidiot
    road to nowhere - "Are there any normal people in JWs?"

    The few there are tend to end up here. :smirk:

  • smiddy3

    LauraV Welcome to the forum girl ,I put a like to your post as I think I fitted in with your post as a

    young adult

    who joined a cult

  • Vidiot
    "Weird Jehovah's Witnesses..."

    ...otherwise known as, simply, "Jehovah's Witnesses".


  • Vidiot

    Seriously, though...

    ...with all the (obvious in retrospect) extremism in WT ideology, and more and more decent folks fading, is it any wonder that the majority of those left are at least a little...


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