Weird Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • smiddy3
    neat blue dog
    So I had an emotional deficiency as a 20 year old ,I can live with that .
    I put it down to a vulnerable young man who recognised he had a drinking problem and didn`t know how to handle it ,and then Jehovah answered his prayers and led him into hell.
    But i can live with Emotional Deficiency .
  • GetMeOutofHere

    For anyone who spent their formative years in this cult, it is going to have a critical impact on their social skills. I have always had an inability to make friends with worldly people because even though most are lovely, I seem to look down on them or view them as fit for destruction. Also, I have never experienced the things most people have had due to strict JW upbringing - I have nothing in common with worldly people. At the same time, I despise the shallow, fake friends at the hall. The result of all of this is social isolation. Yes it is of no surprise that people view us as a bit weird.

  • minimus

    Getmeoutofhere... wow post!

  • Giordano

    I was in the cult at the age of thirteen until 22. Thank you Mom....not.

    I have no known social problems. Other then I am overly kind........ apart from that I get along with everyone in our community.

    I am actually worried about that because I don't have any enemies which means that I don't have strong positions. However I do have strong positions re Anti JW's and every other religion or political positions or idiots like Donald Trump. Lets throw in the Catholic Church and Republican party as well.

    When we have our annual 'welcome to the New Year Day party' I have to manage the food and drinks for two hundred visitors.

    But I always questioned the assumption.... that I am a success. That doubt doesn't spring from being a JW as I was led in to participate and unlike you........ got out at a very early age and became a successful citizen of this great country.....USA forever!

    What......... me worry about our social life? Not at all. I am as normal as rain.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Ok, I'll be honest here ... I was someone who joined the JWs, got baptised and, looking back, I was weird. XD

    I think I still am XD

    I'm guessing JWs don't have a monopoly on weird people, but I was definitely JW and definitely weird at some point.

  • tiki

    The cult attracts people at odds with themselves or it presents an ultimate cure. Neatbluedog put it well....born in, you are raised in a shell which can warp you mentally and emotionally. And from my observations a lot who convert have underlying issues from which they are running, or endeavoring to squelch....

  • rickroll

    From my experience a lot of JWs that are not born in are the hippie types. Many are the counter culture looking for something. I bet most of us have stories that would be as long as your arm of weird nuts in the hall.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    A long standing elder told me recently that the reason there are so many weird people among JWs is that no other organisation would have them.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    From growing up in the Jw land, I have seen a full gamut of people. From intellectual and capable ones, to the "something happened to them" ones. Yes, some need mental/emotional help and then there are the users and manipulators who zero in on the weak. Much like the world in general but in a concentrated way.

    JW land is a fish bowl you must swim around in - with encouragement to forgive all for any abuse or weirdness. So it means that if you are "christian" and you follow that advice by forgiving without any sincere "I'm sorry for what I did" from the person, you are just okaying their abuse. And so the abusers never have to change because they are being excused by the nice people. The weird, broken ones are granted automatic "love" that the regulars have to put up with to be christians. And I don't mean that people are wrong being kind to such ones, but JW land forces you to remain in constant contact with them and most will not be seeing counselors or doctors to help them.

    In real life, you pick and choose people that you like, but in JW land, that is not an option - at least not at the hall and out in service.

  • dubstepped

    Many that join as adults are running from trauma. Rather than getting adequate help they escape into a cult that thinks for them, feels for them, etc. Eccentricities may come out because these people aren't fully present in their lives.

    Those that are born in are forced into a cookie cutter mold their entire lives which is going to push them naturally to differentiate themselves in some way and "weird" behavior may be that way of being "themselves".

    I'm sure that they attract people with certain non-conforming behavior anyway as they are non-conforming, well, until you get into the cult and then just conform to their rules.

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