DEATH: How have you prepared? Funeral, cremation, donate body to Science?

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  • Lostandfound

    Cremation, crematorium has massive grounds basically themed to the four seasons. My MiL had her ashes scattered in the Spring Garden, so I told my wife either of Summer, Autumn or Winter, eternity with mil terrifying thought.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    You can get cremation for about $750 at places like this. They even sell donated cemetery plots.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    VA cover my funeral, but I'am thinking cremation and scatter my ashes on the steps of the KH.

    My last act of defiance. No doubt they will close that KH we know the minds of most JW's,

    oh my God ashes of an Apostate in our door way. Demons will attack us in our meetings.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    MANY years ago I made arrangements that will cover my cremation because, you know, "time and unforeseen ocurance..."

    I thought about the Tennessee Body Farm but decided no.

    A person's decisions will (*might*?) be influenced by things like spouses, children, friends and family.

    Note that I did not specify if those influences would be "positive" or "negative". Not that it matters a whole lot, 'cause we won't be here to witness the fallout of our decisions.

    But I think it is POLITE to not leave a big ugly mess for anyone to clean up, literally or figuratively.

  • Dagney

    Prob donate to science. I had a cousin who was a doctor who died from cancer and that was his wishes. So for research I go.

    PS. Thinking maybe a destination "celebration of life" with something symbolic (and eco friendly) floated out to sea. Probably Mexico.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    We got funeral directors ins, cremation fees paid by the month. If we go before it's paid off, they just go ahead with the cremation with no further charge. No urn. Cardboard coffins. No funeral services, no announcement in the news, no viewing. No muss no fuss.

    The last three years I've had dizzy spells after drinking wine or mixed drinks. I think I have leaky gut. The spells last three to four days and I can't get out of bed without getting nausea. I have to drink lots of water and hot herb tea. So now days if I have wine it's about a tablespoon.

    Hope you get to feeling great soon!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "Donating your body to science" requires preparation.

    WHO, for example do you mean by "science"? The weird kid down the street or a SPECIFIC INSTITUTION who are seeking this kind of "donation"?

    [UPS guy at a receptionist's desk]: "...and please sign for this corpse. I'm double-parked."

    For example, the Tennessee Body Farm has a set of documents that have to be filled out before the donor dies; they do not accept "walk-ins."

    The Sea of Cortez between Baja Mexico and Mexico is the home to giant squid who would enjoy a contribution. The trick is getting the entre there. Cthulhu fhtagn!

  • bikerchic

    Whew, Terry from the sounds of things you're doing well now or at least you still have your wits about you! I do hope all is well and you've gotten a clean bill of health.

    I recently had surgery and while checking in pre-surgery I was asked if I had a POA or a Will, to which I said "no" to both, my bad. I had thought before hand about the blood issue, and spoke to my doctor about it, and no, not because I would not accept a blood transfusion but because I have a rare blood type and he reassured me this wasn't necessary a "bloody" procedure, he didn't see a need to bank blood and that they hardly do that anymore. I had all the Labs, EKG and other test done before surgery.

    The questions of a POA and a Will totally slipped my mind. I have all the paper work here at home to fill out the POA and will soon seek out an Attorney to draw up a Will, and get it all legal. I know too well that these things are for my living relatives having gone through all of this while taking care of my elderly Mother.

    My Mom did something I think was very smart for a single, elderly, JW woman, she bought and paid for her cremation before her death which was a huge help for my brother and sisters, as well as the Congregation she was in. She went through this company for her services: I don't work for them but was very impressed with how they handled everything to her specifications and were extremely helpful to us in a very stressful, and emotional time. So I am happy to pass on their information for any interested ones.

    As far as her services, she wished for a service at the kingdom hall and I honored that wish for her as well as I honored her wishes all the while I was her POA about the blood issue, knowing she would not want to have blood. The bulk of the arrangements for her service were on me as most of her JW children lived out of the country and I was close in town and knew most of the elders here due to taking care of her for the 4 years before her death, some of them I knew much longer. I have to say the congregation stepped up to the task and did all the arranging of music (I offered a different sound track!) And they did the printing of the program and again I offered a different poem to be used! They felt a scripture would be better! Their dime they got what they wanted and I felt Mom would want!

    Imagine if you can a service at the kingdom hall with an Apostate (me) greeting the "friends" as they came in! And then imagine if you can, several of these elder's and their wives enjoying a meal with me (and my df'ed son) at a local restaurant! Awe.......maybe I shouldn't have? I can't help but think Mom would have been pleased, she loved the restaurant, Mexican food was her favorite!

    So thanks again for the reminder and yes I do think it's very important to take care of these things before hand because we really never do know when we or our loved ones will need these important things to take care of our final days.

    Good topic! Now I have homework to do while recuperating for the next 6 weeks before going back to work.

    ~ Kate

  • Dagney

    NN, there is a specific organization that my cousin was affiliated with. He was an oncologist and sadly passed from cancer. I just don't remember the name at the moment.

    If that doesn't work out I will glad give my body to a giant squid. I love those things!

    Actually, I have thought if at some point I was facing a sure death for some reason, I would consider a "one last cruise" (wink wink wink) if you know what I mean.

  • Heaven

    I was thinking cremation. Hoping that friends and family have a party as well. Some people who know they are going to pass away hold 'Celebration of Life' parties. I like that idea.

    There are alternative options to traditional burial that use your dead body to grow trees and memorial/memory forests such as Capsula Mundi.

    There aren't any details on cost on the Capsula Mundi website. They do have a Kickstarter program going. I'd consider this option if it isn't too expensive.

    However, if it doesn't cost anything to donate my body to Science, that might be another option. Terry, do you have any details on this?

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