DEATH: How have you prepared? Funeral, cremation, donate body to Science?

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  • Chook

    I try not to worry about something I can't control. I know biblical history often spoke of respectful burial places, there seemed to importance place on good burial plots. For me if I could choose( which is hard) due to governmental regulations, I would like to be buried on my farm with a baby tree planted on my hole in the ground. A least if I can't produce any more I will fertilise a tree.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    My kids know there is no money so thanks to Rebecca Goodenough I have pre ordered my own urn. The kids are not impressed

  • millie210
    Imagine if you can a service at the kingdom hall with an Apostate (me) greeting the "friends" as they came in! And then imagine if you can, several of these elder's and their wives enjoying a meal with me (and my df'ed son) at a local restaurant! Awe.......maybe I shouldn't have? I can't help but think Mom would have been pleased, she loved the restaurant, Mexican food was her favorite!

    Did they really go out to eat with you and your son?

    I am stunned.

    I also think that speaks well of how you handled yourself over the 4 years before your mom died.

    They must think well of you in spite of being told not to by headquarters.

  • blondie

    Just a simple cremation and ashes cast in my favorite place. No visitation or funeral or any event. Of course my husband can do what he wants because I will be dead....but I think he loves me enough to honor me the way I want. Most of my relatives are dead and the living ones are shunning the living me (just inactive). My husband wants the same for him. Just keep the laws of burial and not waste the money on foolish traditions.

  • Incognito

    Some people often think that because they don't own or have much, they don't need a will. Everyone needs a will if only to appoint an Executor and to state what you want to happen with your body after you're gone.

    Without an Executor, who will arrange your funeral or burial/cremation or arrange for the donation to science? Your will would clarify what you define as science as an Executor would need that direction.

    Likewise, someone needs to file your final tax return and notify the government of your death. If you don't arrange an Executor while you are alive, it creates a big mess after you're gone as that responsibility does not necessarily automatically fall to your next of kin.

    Many rely on their spouse to carry-out their wishes. Consider that spouses are often together and if involved in a serious car wreck, a surviving spouse maybe incapacitated and not able to act as Executor for their deceased partner.

  • Xanthippe

    I've made a will. My daughter knows I don't care what she does with my remains, whatever's best for her. My husband's grave is a 'double' so they can chuck me in there.

    At my cousin's funeral in June I thought how brilliant she wrote the whole thing herself because she had cancer so knew she was going. She had complete control, said exactly what she wanted to say, got her boss to say a few words (he didn't want to but she insisted). Nagged us all to contribute to Marie Curie and Macmillan nurses.

    It made me smile that she was a quiet person but that day was really hers, she had total control. So I'll probably write mine telling them all to have a few drinks on me, eat up and have a dance. I'll probably say get your money out and book that trip you've been putting off before it's too late. Carpe diem an' all that

  • bikerchic


    Did they really go out to eat with you and your son?

    I am stunned.

    Actually they did not know and evidently still don't know my apostate stance. You see my goal was to care for my Mother as her needs were too much for the "friends" to handle along with all the other duties of the JW's. As far as my Mom knew I was just not attending, it was a classic case of don't ask, don't tell. I was serving a purpose for her and the congregation and my active baptized fleshly sisters. It was my pleasure to help my Mom.

    At her final passing maybe I had the last laugh? At least I felt I beat them at their own game. And yes it was hard keeping my mouth shut some times.

    @Incognito: that is excellent information! Thank you for that!

    ~ Kate

  • TerryWalstrom

    My dizzy room spins were almost surely the result of drinking only coffee day after day all day without also drinking a lot of water.

    Caffeine causes enuresis (cells expelling water). I noticed I was peeing more than usual, duh.

    My electrolytes dissipated and I was like a car battery without water.
    The old brain cells and muscles weren't firing on all cylinders.

    Recipe for disaster.

    I've resorted to glug-glugging copious decanters of H20 and I'm back on track. That near-miss with the scythe of the Grim Reaper will serve notice on me to not be so clueless in the future.

    Thank you for your kind inquiries, my Friends.

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