Walked away from bible study after 8 months

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  • Giordano

    The beginning is important for any religion.

    Here is an honest history of the Watchtower which many years later became the Jehovah's Witnesses but they still are a publishing company and a real Estate holding company.


    The founder....... Pastor Russell never went to any school that would have permitted him to use that title. He was a proponent of the Great Pyramid as being a link to God. A total nutcase. Divorced.

    Judge Rutherford who followed Russell was not a judge. In his small community, he along with other lawyers served as a one or two day judge if the circuit judge was not available. He liked the title so much he kept it. In a day when information was difficult to find he got away with his lie. As President of the WTBTS he was revealed to be a womanizer and a drunk. he was Divorced and his former wife and son didn't attend his funeral.

    Freddy Franz wrote the core of the more modern day JW beliefs. As one Bethelite called it........ an ideology of bull shit. Which included the End taking place in 1975. Thank you Freddy for more Freddy crap.

    The biggest BS was 'Many living today will not (changed to May not) die'. More BS.

    How did that work out? We all will die after wasting our best days knocking on doors or sweeping up at the KH.

    The things you have to understand about the WTBTS is that by design they are ignorant. Let's count the ways.

    Jehovah is a made up name based on a Catholic Monk's Latin translation of the Jewish name in the 12 or 13th century. You can look this up on the JW.org site. Or Google.

    Jesus didn't get baptized until he was thirty years old...... his ministry lasted for 3 &1/2 years. No life time commitment to witnessing. No real change. It was what it was.

    The early Christians in the NT were to be a witness to Jesus which was referenced some 22 times....... ask that question on Google.

    Jehovah, who is not mentioned by that name in the new translation, was not the one to be a witness of. That phase was referenced once in the Old Testament....... in the book of Isaiah and was directed to the prophet.

    It was Rutherford who pushed for the name of Jehovah Witnesses in violation of the biblical record.

    If someone doesn't call out to you with your proper name do you respond? Hence unanswered prayers.

    God the father...... drowned a world back in Noah's day, This account was clear that every living thing, person, man, women, children and by default, the unborn. Think about that for a minute or to. Was it necessary? Did it wipe our evil? Or just cause needless deaths.

    This murderous god established, according to a simple bible account, a penalty about pouring out blood on the ground and not eating the blood.

    The early Christians continued the idea and made it one of a couple of sins.

    The JW's made it an important doctrine......the Jws are the only religion to do so re transfusions. Eating blood was indeed condemned in the ancient Jewish world. However If you did it the punishment was that you were unclean. If you washed yourself that evening you were no longer unclean.

    In the JW world if you accepted a blood transfusion you are cast out re Disfellowshiped. Which is a death sentence. JW's have given up their children as well as their own lives as well as older ones to this document based on the idiot argument that a transfusion is eating blood..... while in reality it is simply a transfusion of blood cells. No eating required. If blood is scared it is certainly better to save lives then honer a world destroying god who is often out of it's mind.

    The lowest estimate is that 1000 or so JW's die each year for lack of a life saving transfusion. In the USA 3500 JW's need a life saving transfusion every year. Look it up... and also understand how many problems blood solves.

    The ignorance of the WTBTS has needlessly killed or caused undo suffering since 1945. If we use the number of 1000 deaths per year you have 73,000 needless deaths before their time.

    That number is much higher but we will leave it at that for the present time. You see the Society keeps track of every hour in service, every return visit, every bible study, every Assembly attendance and every baptism.....but they have no record of those that died or lived on suffered needlessly....... or those who could not regain their health for lack of that BT and died for want of a transfusion.

    Let's think about this... needless deaths for want of a blood transfusion and their belief that billions will die at Armageddon.

    Does this look like you have been associating and studying with a death cult?

  • tiki

    Wow Giordano! You covered it quite deftly! Common sense tells you that it is a pharisaical structure....and a doomsday cult. They may hide behind the "nobody knows the day or the hour" but over the years have certainly hinted loudly at their predictions which became failed predictions. Nowadays the whole pedophile hiding thing is just outrageous. Glad our new friend saw through the web and extricated himself.

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    You have no idea the bullet you dodged!

  • Steel

    I am surprised when people say they have studied for 3 6 9 months. I didn’t think there was that much material. Take away the boasting and slandering , do they really say anything?

    I have never met a JW who knows more than 12 or so verses and a prepackaged sales pitch on trinity, hell, no fighting in war, ex members are bad.

    I have had discussions with Elders who I don’t even feel would be capable of teaching a Sunday school class.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    We know about the mind numbing WT Didn't they tell you how you are so refreshed after meetings? My meetings are Wednesday and I make BIG mistakes on Thursday some of them could be costly or maiming. The privilege of handling mikes??? I have even held a door for someone without authorization and got away with it

  • Magnum

    - The standard of public speaking is pretty excellent and better than many Catholic priests with decades of experience. The men do learn a valuable skill

    - some of the talks from visiting brothers were excellent

    Must be your location. In my area, even though there are a few good speakers, most are really bad, some embarrassingly so. Some JWs in my area (including me) didn't want to bring new ones to meetings because they feared that the public talks would turn them off.

    - mind numbing watchtower study. A question is asked and someone reads the text back. I could have stayed home.....

    I agree. Just a parrot, indoctrination session, during which (like other meetings), no questions or dissenting viewpoints are allowed.

    - the elders have more plans for my future than I do. “Wait until you help with microphones and give talks!!”

    JWdom now, at least in educated and informed areas of the world, mostly appeals only to people of low self-esteem, low station in life, etc., who would think it was a big deal to carry a microphone at a meeting ("ooh, look at me, I'm somebody, I've made it").

    - I made the mistake of saying I didn’t enjoy fully every meeting

    I never enjoyed meetings. I went to them because I thought it was required of me. I would much better have preferred to stay home and read/study on my own; would have been a far more productive use of time.

    - awwwwing when a 5 year old comments. Does that child even understand what they are saying?

    I'm so glad you recognized and mentioned this. My wife and I have discussed that for years. Those children are only echoing what their parents have told them and have no idea what truth is and what the seeking of such is about. Those same children would believe in the Easter Bunny if their parents told them he existed.

    This point is strongly on my mind because just this week my "Christian" boss's daughter was in a city park with her young son (5 or 6 years old?). She said that she said to her son "This is a beautiful park! We should thank the city for providing it!" and that he responded "No, we should thank God for providing it!" The mother thought that was so cute that she posted it on Facebook. My boss, the grandfather, said "Looks like we're gonna have a preacher in the family." I was holding back the puke and anger thinking how that child is clueless. If he had been born in India to Hindu parents, he'd be believing whatever it is they believe.

    A book “ who is doing Jehovah will “ states in some countries people walk through jungles to attend meetings and I was told in a high handed way we have no jungles here do we??

    I remember that point from some time ago. It's not a valid comparison; it's comparing apples to oranges. Those people's entire lives and lifestyles are different. In our part of the world, people have stressful, fast-paced, hectic lives. In our lives, seconds matter, whereas to people in other parts of the world, often only days or months matter. We wouldn't have time to walk to a meeting, and those people maybe couldn't live in a hectic, stressful environment like ours.

    Some years ago, I was watching a documentary about a scientist (or journalist?) who was studying a primitive jungle tribe somewhere in South America. He brought one of the women back to the U.S. with him and married her and had a child with her. It was interesting seeing her pushing a stroller through an enclosed shopping mall eating ice cream and wondering how she perceived it all. Anyway, my main point is that she wanted to go back to the jungle, and she did.

    People need to quit acting like we're so weak and everybody is else is so string. I recently read about that perception - or maybe there's a book about it that I was reading about; I can't remember. A name was given to the perception - I think it's something like "the myth of the good people". The point is that different societies have myths (false beliefs) about other societies that they think are better or higher.

  • LongHairGal


    I am happy for you that you ended your study. Don’t think they’re done chasing you. They may call on you again to drag you back! Don’t engage them! Don’t answer your door!

    In addition to all the good criticisms you and others listed about the Witnesses, what I thought was positively absurd was them telling you that you should be preaching every minute you could..Do you realize how ridiculous this is? People in bible times lived their lives doing whatever trade, etc.

    Only the JWs imagine everybody should be walking around every waking hour stopping strangers to talk and place tracts, magazines ad nauseam..If it were up to these idiots crops would never be planted, the machinery of the world and life would come to a stop, etc.

    Thank heavens I was a marginal Witness because I knew that anybody who followed this extreme bullshit to a T would be starving in their old age. Glad I walked away from it all.

  • smiddy3

    - the elders have more plans for my future than I do. “Wait until you help with microphones and give talks!!”

    I just about fell off of my chair ,when I read that one seriously ? You can help with the microphones ? Thats something to aim for ?

    And give talks that are so biased fullfilling the WT agenda , don`t question OBEY what we tell you.

  • jookbeard

    well done you must have felt almost immediately what an insult to your intelligence it all was

  • ohnightdivine
    Feeling like you're letting other people down when you miss a meeting... ahh, what an oh-so-familar thing. The more it becomes serious once you are baptized. Congratulations on walking away from it! Your life is in your hands.

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