Walked away from bible study after 8 months

by Biblestudent1 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finkelstein

    Its just a brainwashing cult created by men running a religious publishing house, they arranged it so that as a means to serve and please Jehovah, that you need to accept all their established doctrines and obey them with solemn servitude as they have been chosen by god himself.

    In reality its just a game of power, control and money which is directed to some select self chosen men, really not so different from many religions out there.

    Unfortunately many have played into their game and lost their lives and a piece of their minds.

  • LauraV

    Just remember these two words you used to described the Watchtower study, they also apply to all the meetings, if you ever feel that maybe you want to contact your study conductor - MIND NUMBING !!

  • blondie

    biblestudent1, just remember too many jws have walked away or stopped coming to the meetings, but still hang onto to some of the WTS teachings, such as living through Armageddon and living on a paradise earth, seeing their loved ones resurrected; even though the WTS teaches that unless one is a baptized jw in good standing in the congregation, they will not survive Armaggedon.

    So hang onto a paper copy of this post of yours and review it you ever think of studying with Jehovah's witnesses again. Don't let emotional things guide your decisions.

  • EverApostate

    You are a born again "Free thinker"

  • punkofnice
    Once I asked my conductor let’s do a session with only the Bible and put aside the grey book. He worked hard with a lot of handwritten notes and I liked that session. He did put a lot of preparation into that to be fair.

    That seems like a better approach than most.

    what started as encouragement to attend became suffocating pressure.

    Sadly, the WBT$ are more interested in doing a recruitment drive than saving lives. More like saving money.

    I felt worthless and guilty

    ...and this is something that will be maintained to obligate you to do more for the corporation.

    I look forward to hearing more of your escape from the cult. Thanks for posting. It's nice to know there are people out there who won't get trapped into the worst life ever.

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