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  • Quarterback

    Well it's been awhile since I got angry and wanted to post on here again. Last week's Watchtower about the subject of Love had something to say about the Hard working Attendants. It seems that they are choosing to sit in the best seats at the convention. WTF

    This is the year that I will be quitting this job. I'm tired of freezing myself and some of my family to sit in a cold section that I'm assigned to. I chose my seat at the end of the row, because I want to be prepared to address any medical emergencies that would occur in my section. however, now it seems that showing love according to this writting committee means to sit in the middle of the row, a less popular seat, to perform my duties This is so ridiculous. Has any on this Writting Committee ever served as an Attendant?

    You know who I think is behind this? I believe that it's some who are allowed to enter the Convention Arena tha t work at the Chairman's Office are pissed off at the Attendants, who get to choose their seats before them.

  • waton

    I think they chose to pick on the hapless attendants so as to not offend the contributing members, who are really behind the arena real estate grabbing rush, paving the best seats with old literature, placed there by trained athletes not later than 8.01 am.

    May be all, after reading about the attendants, will consider how selfish it is and dishonoring, to be so greedy in reserving choice seats. hours in advance, leaving the disadvantaged to pick up the degs.

  • Listener

    It's all about micro management, further control. Instead of complaining about it through the Watchtower, why don't they have the head controller over the attendants pre assign them their seats? Just to make things 'fair', the head controller over the head controller of the attendants could pre assign his seat and so on and so on, so that the head co-ordinator of the assembly will be the only one left with authority to pick his own seat. If that's not ideal, then the Branch office could assign his seat.


    Thank Jeehoober I don't go to the Con-ventions...


  • zeb
    • what of all the fit and able family members who just have to sit with their aged mothers in the infirm seating area (means lower ground floor so no stairs climbing).
    • what of the Attendants who have their families sit alongside when those seats would suit people with prostheses.This I have seen leaving the injured to wander seeking a better seat but bro self righteous just would not have his teen daughters (bored shitless sleeping playing with their hair) .. alongside not even behind the parents.
    • what of kids with chest complaints who coughed all over everyone; no hanky, no hand over mouth, while mum and dad sat with beatific stares to the speaker.
    • what of the rush of pioneer sisters who came within a second of bowling my handicapped daughter down the stairs why because a drama had started.. O wow! whoopee do a drama o orgasm! I pulled her aside just in time, the PS were oblivious to what they had nearly done..

    Speaking of seats what of parking? Jw selfishness is seen at its best here as well. and why do jw have to be instructed before every convention on how to behave in hotels etc. ??

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Wow! The level of control is crazy.

    In our congregation we have a family with a son in a wheelchair. Only one of his family members were allowed to sit in the infirm area with him. So mum sat with him and his dad sat with the rest of the family elsewhere.

    A friend of mine was constantly asked to move because she didn't look infirm so she took to walking around with a walking stick. She has a government issued disabled parking pass but was not allowed to park in the disabled parks without a Watchtower issued pass.

    Just the entire process of attending convention creates such anxiety it's just not worth the effort.

    They don't tell everyone you can stay home in your armchair and watch the entire thing on you tube.

  • freddo

    While the higher-ups moan and point out attendants "choosing the best seats" in their sections in the cheap seats they sit on cushions in air conditioned offices drinking coffee and eating biscuits.

  • Phoebe

    I remember at our Circuit Assemblies there were brothers who were well connected and they used to have comfy chairs at the side of the stage. They never sat with the R&F squashed liked sardines in the auditorium.

    I learnt pretty quick that there were JWs in an elite class. Jet set we used to call them.

  • MrRoboto

    Pheobe, I like to call them the 'privileged class.'

    but oh yeah we're all brothers' haha

  • waton

    Pharisees loved the first seats in the synagogues. Did they send helpers with worn out scrolls to reserve them? fine examples, still having followers today.

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