Attendents sit at the best seats

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  • curiousconfused

    For fear of being called an apologist, having been an attendant myself for many years, the behaviour described here is very much from a minority. My experience is working with many genuine caring men, and women, that only wanted to help and improve the experience for others. I accept that there are exceptions - and once you’ve left the org, you probably remember the negative, but I don’t accept the blanket characterisation portrayed here...

  • freddo

    I agree curiousconfused.

    I've done my share of attending in draughty stadiums and car parks and most brothers serving want three things.

    A) An excuse not to have to listen to the repetitive drivel from the platform. (Maybe that was just me!)

    B) Help the brothers and sisters in a kindly manner.

    C) Feel they have done a good job.

    But there are the occasional ones who are bumptious and jumped up twits which stand out in the memory. Also the ones who climb the greasy pole (or more likely daddy is a prominent one giving them a little leg up) and like the prominence of swanning around in the inner sanctum with the assembly organisers.

  • curiousconfused

    @konceptual99 - that was a pretty rounded condemnation of all JWs - I wonder, does that include your still-in family and the friends you still socialise with and from whom you conceal who you really are, or are the “hypocrites” just all the others?

  • konceptual99

    Fair comment curiousconfused. It was a pretty broad sweep. Of course not all, indeed probably the minority, are knowingly and consciously selfish or otherwise "bad" people however the indoctrination envelops those who are mentally in with a set of behaviours that legitimise a cultural selfishness. I was under the spell at one point and so was everyone else whilst our thinking processes, logic and reason were filtered through the WTS brand of religious justification.

    So, when my wife criticises me for supporting certain charities I call her out on it. She not a heartless person, she can empathise with the suffering of people round about but she is caught in that reasoning that says it's OK for Witnesses to do nothing significant to help because it's simply a sticking plaster on a gaping wound.

    I agree with you about attendants as well, I've done the job many, many times and seen first hand the worst of behaviour and the best of behaviour from both attendants and attendees.

    Whilst it is fair to point out the generalisation, the point of the post is not really to condemn every person but to call out the culture that allows otherwise selfless people to have their thinking conditioned and manipulated where they cannot see the wrong in their own behaviour.

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