Attendents sit at the best seats

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  • faithnomore

    Always bugged me that me in a dress and small babies I had to climb over my husband who sat on the end seat to take the children out sometimes several times a meeting.

    It seemed to me he in PANTS and with much longer legs could easier get up and down and over me:)

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    men sit on the end to control their family!! back when I had to find a seat where I could see and respond to my section, and my family belongs with me. I have seen attendants saving the whole rows with mags though. Hey! with fewer mags what are we going to deo?

  • Finkelstein

    So Quarterback you choose to post a comment on the longest running apostate web site and probably the most watched by other scrutinizing JWS. about your disgruntle gripe

    Do you not see the hypocrisy ?

    Here's an answer to your problem ....... leave the stupid corrupt cult ..... easy

  • Quarterback

    Thanks, Finkel. That sure seems easy doesn't it. Let me try leaving the stupid Attendant job first, and we'll see were that goes.

  • Finkelstein

    All the best Quarterback on your journey toward freedom and personal integrity.

  • ToesUp

    More micro managing. Watchtower wonders why no one wants to reach out and "do more."

  • konceptual99
    Speaking of seats what of parking? Jw selfishness is seen at its best here as well. and why do jw have to be instructed before every convention on how to behave in hotels etc. ??

    Da troof is fundamentally about selfishness. The rushing to get seats, reserving of seats by those with early access, using contacts to boast about getting AAA when visiting Bethel, crowing about service privileges and all the other examples of oneupmanship you see as a Witness are symptomatic of how the beliefs promote selfishness.

    After all, you consider yourself a cut about "the world". You have a sacred secret that they are too blind to see. When your ineffectual preaching methods spawn no results then it's the fault of the ignorant masses you ignore as they pass by your cart.

    You are taught it's OK to benefit from the blood of others without having to contribute yourself.

    You are free to ignore the oppressed, the poor, the suffering because your understanding of it's solution is some much more important and noble than actually getting your hands dirty and helping.

    You can scoff at the public service of others knowing Jehovah disapproves of the secular authorities and values your neutrality rather than working to foster change for the better.

    You don't have to change your values and respect all because Jehovah tells you that some people are not worth saving due to their lifestyle.

    You can freely consume all the state provides in health care without ever having to be concerned about giving something back and working as a doctor, dentist or any other role that requires a university education.

    In fact you can benefit from a whole host of advances in medicine, engineering, science, technology, conservation and more without being worried one iota about giving anything back since you don't have to get an education, you can just stand by your cult cart, looking at your phone, ignoring all comers - safe in the knowledge Jehovah values your so called sacred service above every other unselfish act any non witness has ever done.


  • Simon

    I remember an incident at one of (maybe THE) last district conventions we attended.

    My wife, heavily pregnant, was struggling with the heat because they were too cheap to turn the air con on in the Manchester arena and it was sweltering so we'd gone for a walk around the concourse.

    There was an empty chair so she sad down to have a rest.

    Immediately, some little gob-shite ran up to tell us that the chair was FOR THE USE OF ATTENDANTS ONLY (I think he meant himself).

    I mean, really? Have some common sense, you weren't even sitting in it you little shit.

    I don't think he expected a "brother" to get right in his face and tell him to "fuck off" at an assembly.

    Then I got to do it again a few minutes later when another one thought she should walk down a ton of stairs instead of taking the elevator, also reserved for their own use only.

  • sparrowdown

    The most petty of the petty tyrants aka "attendants" were not married, had no kids, no clue and no heart.

  • waton
    k99: "--You are free to ignore the oppressed, the poor, the suffering because your understanding of it's solution is so much more important and noble than actually getting your hands dirty and helping. and

    Most importantly, because all good service is only considered valuable by "god" if it is rendered to the 7 true brothers of Christ and their corporation, and do not waste it on the worldly needy!

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