The bizarreness of Genesis 6:2

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  • Drearyweather


    Sorry, but I disagree.

    Why angels did took male bodies instead of female ones? Asking this question is like asking as to why did 56.9% of the electoral states vote for Trump and not for Hillary? Who would know the reason? – The voters themselves. All we can do is analyze and speculate and that is what I am trying to do here.

    Since angels are not purposed to reproduce, they are technically genderless and sexless. However, angels do have power and authority and hence the Bible usually references them in the masculine gender, considering the patriarchal society of the time. The only named angels in the Bible are also in the masculine gender. Hence we find, the terms such as ‘he’, ‘his’, “sons of God” etc. while telling about angels.

    In Bible, the masculine gender is applied to spirit beings to give reference to their authority and power rather than their sex or gender. Since God is referenced in the masculine gender, angels representing him would present themselves in the male gender.

    Why were the angels attracted sexually to humans when they were higher life forms? You said, That would be like a human being sexually attracted to a so-called lower or less intelligent life form like a dog or cat. I don’t think so.

    Why don’t we have sexual attraction towards animals? For the simple reason- humans have a way and a medium for satisfying their sexual desires; and hence humans don’t have to look toward animals to learn sexual satisfaction. However, we do look toward animals to learn traits and abilities that we don’t have. WhalePower tubercle technology, Bionic Car, Shinkansen bullet train, nanotol are some of the technologies that are prevalent in the field of Biomimetics, where superior life forms have to look and learn from lower life forms to understand and learn traits which we don’t have.

    Since angels are free moral agents, they have complete freedom to observe, learn and decide for themselves what is right and wrong. However, they do not have the ability to have sex, as they are not made for that purpose. I tend to believe that angels did not have sexual feelings before humans were created, rather, it was after humans were created did they observe humans and thought about the possibility of having sex. It was in fact, like, the field of Biomimetics, where humans understood the possibilities of technology after studying and observing natural processes.

    Does being sexless mean that one cannot have sexual feelings? No. At least I don’t believe so. Humans cannot fly, as we don’t have wings, but we do have the feelings and ambitions to soar and fly, if we could. However, with an appropriate channel, medium and technology, even though we cannot produce wings, we can however, propel ourselves into air and reach another place using an aeroplane with metal wings – similar to what birds do. Similarly, since angels are sexless and in the spirit form, it is impossible for them to have sex, however, with the appropriate medium, i.e. by having a human body, or the human sexual organ, they can have sexual relations, and that is what the Bible says they did – they materialized.(will discuss about materialization later)

    Why did angels take the male form rather than the female form? It is completely possible for angels to have feelings towards males and females. It is possible that the majority took the male form and the Bible says about the majority. It is like making the statement: “The people of US voted for Trump” even though only a percentage did so, and the minority thus gets included in the statement.

    To understand this better, we have to take an example. Why does a country choose Lion and not a frog as its national symbol to denote authority and power? It’s because of its power. Or Why does an institution choose a white dove and not a pig as a symbol of peace? It’s because of its characteristics. Angels have power and authority. So, If Angels had to transform into humans, which gender would they select, in order fulfill their sexual desires and at the same time keep their dominancy, authority and power? Wouldn’t it be the male gender? Would they choose the female gender and go through the vulnerable and painful phase of pregnancy? If the society was a patriarchal society, which gender would they fit themselves into? I believe it would be the male gender.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @doubtfull1799 JW's use their literature to explain that Jehovah, like a stubborn teacher, handed over his piece of chalk to the rebel in the classroom (Satan) and is allowing Satan to prove to everyone that he can't run the classroom smoothly. That's why the world is in such a state. For this theory to be upheld, the Witnesses need to argue that the teacher occasionally interjects and takes the chalk back from the rebel and kills off a bunch of students at will (the flood). Is the world lying in the power of the Wicked One? According to doctrine: sometimes. Depends what mood the creator of the cosmos is in.

    If Jehovah is lovingly holding off Armageddon because destroying Adam and Eve would have given all the angels in heaven serious doubts about his sovereignty, then why stage an early form of Armageddon to cleanse the earth of wickedness back in Noah's day? What good was achieved? Did it really cleanse the earth of wickedness? Is the world's state of affairs better now because of the supposed flood? Seems like a lot of melodrama and killing of innocent bystanders for nothing. But hey, nice prelude for the gory Armageddon to come.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said Wake!

  • Sanchy

    Wake: If Jehovah is lovingly holding off Armageddon because destroying Adam and Eve would have given all the angels in heaven serious doubts about his sovereignty, then why stage an early form of Armageddon to cleanse the earth of wickedness back in Noah's day?

    Most excellent point. Never thought of that.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Sanchy and @stuckinarut2: the whole thing comes crumbling down when you start thinking outside of the blinders WT puts on us. I had so many face palm moments when I woke up and realized how conditioned I had been to not even think logically over basic biblical texts. Yet, the whole time I was indoctrinated, I was CONVINCED we had logical and sound reasoning. Upon closer examination, I realize what a certified lunatic I was for buying into such faulty defenses for the Pentateuch.

  • Sanchy

    @wake ....indeed. I'm ashamed for having believed all this non-sense.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    My JW mother always tries to delegate her intellectual responsibility for understanding the Bible and the society over to my wise old JW father by saying, "do you think your father is stupid? Do you think your father was born yesterday? Look how smart your father is and HE is a Witness!"

    I feel like rephrasing her statement to "DESPITE how smart your father is, he is a Witness." But she'd probably need my Dad to explain that sentence to her.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes likewise a fool for believing these Bible stories to be literal (although I always thought Adam and Eve to be in the nature of a creation myth).

    Clearly the contents of Genesis were written with the cosmologies in mind from the surrounding nations of that time (seventh century BCE?).

    It was a prescientific world, it carried the universal assumptions of the day that the heavens were perfect and therefore were the abode of the gods. By contrast the Earth was imperfect and the domain of the mortals. However the activities of the gods were not bound by human ideals, they seemed to have reflected the amorality which humans thought they would get up to if they were gods. Revenge, deceit and weird sex figuring prominently in the celestial motives.

    The classical theology actually did contain godesses who had sex with men; Eos and Aphrodite for example and then there is the interesting Hebrew myth of Lilith, Adam's first wife who wouldn't lie beneath him I think the story goes. Now why didn't we get more of this in the Bible?

    Perhaps the writers of Genesis were just male chauvinists incorporating their version of pagan myth to limit women's power to suit their own agenda?

  • TheWonderofYou

    Drearyweather, your phantasy is amazing. It is but not good to arrange the whole life round such assumptions. But your phantasy is great you should work in that industry.

    You wrote above something like that the angels "were not made to have sex".

    As Jehovah certainly had known what he had created and for what he had angels created, then it is impossilbe that they would have been able to make themselves their human bodies how they wanted so to speak in a do-it-yourself construction including the suitable sexual organs. Everything without allowance from above without divine construction plan?

    You certainly see that Jehovah God would have made a big fool of himself, if he had created them so that they could create for themselves a human body.

    Was he not, he, Jehovah alone, responsible for any creation of any kind? Did he not make the basic plan for angels? Jehovah certainly did not include in the basic plan an angelic evolution modul so that they could change or develop themselves and become another kind or overleap the limit of kind.

    Either Jehovah wanted that they became human and had sexual experiences or he did it not want. Either jehovah wanted that they got G-I-A-N-T children, or he wanted it not. Imagine Jehovah making the construction plan for the Giant babies that would ruin the earth. Otherwise the Angels could not work out such an evolutionary kind jump plan because they were not able to do, they were not created to create or to let sprout evolutionary organs.

    How would the holy angels do something so silly or try it at all knowing that he alone was the creator or without asking Jehovah.

    Angel cannot make themselves bodies only J.G. would be able to do. It is most likely an old legend.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    All makes sense when you realize it's a story made up by some horny middle-eastern guy 2000 years ago.

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