The bizarreness of Genesis 6:2

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  • EverApostate

    Jehovah instantly wipes out the ancient tribes for rebelling or not worshiping him or for other silly reasons. But still he hasn't destroyed the rebelled mighty angels who are far more powerful than humans.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Good point, @EverApostate! Punishment is swift and quick for mere mortals. But the divine, supernatural ones responsible for our fall get away with so much.

    Reminds me of the WT hierarchy: punish and stamp out rogue members, protect the "divine" GB when they commit far more heinous atrocities.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes the GB have demoted the "anointed remnant" and instead elevated themselves to the rank of the immortals, the new demi-gods! (excuse me I have to vomit)

  • steve2

    Drearyweather - phew! What a read, man. 😉

  • waton
    teacher, handed over his piece of chalk to the rebel in the classroom (Satan)

    Wake: good you reminded us of that truly miserable analogy in the :...really teach" book- never thought that the possibility of capriciously caused death hung over the young students. Geniuses always exceed their teachers! An abusive teacher would be retired.

    Dw: phew. Bible equivalence of male "God" not good. take the case for the female creator: The universe started at a point in time, caused by an eternal (clearly more expansive) creator/trice. Universe still expanding, but still "inside" that larger, entity.

    Male sex too, if you have a heavenly choice, is a big bang, men are willing to pay big bucks for the bang. Angels willing to quit heavens for it? sure!

  • EverApostate

    Thanks @Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho. I may end up publishing a book called "My Book of Bizarre Bible stories". And hence call myself a Publisher to escape the impending Armageddon,

  • steve2

    I may end up publishing a book called "My Book of Bizarre Bible stories". And hence call myself a Publisher to escape the impending Armageddon,

    Everapostate, there are some hilarious youtube cartoon videos that present Bible stories with very little additional commentary - but they powerfully illustrate the strange - and twisted - morality themes embedded in the "Holy" Bible - especially regarding the treatment and disposabilty of women.

  • westiebilly11

    This has often intrigued me. Why/How did spirit angelic creatures materialze human male bodies and have relations with females? Does this imply that they could create bodies too? If such angels did cross over to the human realm and indulge in the flesh, and create male bodies, then are there more Satans than just the one 'main' one?..How did Satan become the 'demon' boss?...questions......!

  • ttdtt

    Remember this was a Made Up Story concocted by Guys - and Guys always have Girls on their minds:)

    Unless they have guys on their minds, or both:)

  • steve2

    ttdtt, you clearly have come across guy's like me. Bring on the guys, I say!

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