The bizarreness of Genesis 6:2

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  • doubtfull1799

    "The sons of the true God began to notice that the daughters of men were beautiful. So they began taking as wives all whom they chose."

    It may be feasible to some to accept the Bible's assertion that the first humans were tempted to pursue independence from God, especially since they were created in His image and He is independent from any authority.

    However it is far more difficult to understand how so-called perfect and superior beings could have been tempted to do something that would have been totally unnatural to them.

    1. Are not angels, being spirit beings, genderless? Why were they only attracted to the females then? Why did not half the angels materialise as women and take men? Of course if you take it as patriarchal mythology that makes perfect sense.

    2. Are not angels, being spiritual beings, sexless? What does it actually mean to "materialise?" Does it mean to become visible in the physical realm? Have the appearance of physicality? Why were the angels attracted sexually to humans when they were higher life forms? Does that not indicate some sort of fault in the way they were created? That would be like a human being sexually attracted to a so-called lower or less intelligent life form like a dog or cat. Furthermore how did they actually copulate? Does materialising mean actually morphing into a fully functional human body with reproductive system and gene pool etc?

    3. If this was so disgusting and amoral that the human offspring were not allowed to live out their natural lives but were condemned to death in the flood, why were the angels involved not also punished by immediate destruction? Why were they allowed to live on for centuries to wreak more havoc on the human race and promote their perverted ideas etc...

    4. If they were sent to some "abyss" (tartarus) where is this abyss? Heaven or earth or somewhere in between? Was it created at the same time as the rest of the universe? If it pre-existed earth God must have known he would have need of it

    The more you think about this story the less it makes sense unless you accept it is nothing more than a parallel to other ancient Mesopotamian/Egyptian/Greek mythology, not an explanation for those mythologies.

  • stuckinarut2


    Great points Doubtful!

    I have often wondered why those wicked angels only took on male bodies. Surely some could have tried being a female?

    Also, as powerful as the sexdrive is, surely life as a mighty and powerful spirit being is more wonderful? I mean, I have no desire to live as a human life is far superior in my mind....

  • smiddy

    An angel materialising as a human and having sex and producing an offspring ?

    Then whats the difference between Gods creating humans and fallen Angels materialising as humans.?

    They both eat ,they both shit , they both prioduce sperm they both produce offspring.Whats the difference ?

    A good point is that they never materialised as females ,why not ?

    Simply because this mythology was written by males that were not under the influence of gays at that time.

  • steve2

    More ancient nonsense about how the gods of old came down from on high and cavorted with earthly women who then gave birth to bigger than big babies.

    Meanwhile, I lay awake in a room next door, propped up by my plump pillows and fragile ego - but not so much as one of them tapped on my "door". Oh what a night it could have been. 😡

  • Diogenesister

    Isnt it absurd? I sure wondered about your points!

    Yes it seems the all powerful creator is predisposed to murderering the innocent offspring of 'immoral' couplings.

    Are we to take it that they can not only "materialize" in jwStartrek parlance but, as you say, have a full set of GENES in order to reproduce. Not just human genes but GIANT ANGEL GENES!!I wonder if God knew he'd created those?!

    Some definately tried female bodies....c'Mon, who among you haven't wondered what it would be like being and having sex *AS* the opposite sex...I know I have!!

  • Diogenesister

    LoL @Steve !

  • venus

    Great points that argue against divine inspiration!

  • venus

    Story unwittingly betrays human tendency to blame others (fallen angels in this case) for own mistakes

  • waton

    males only? These "angels" probably observed the almost guaranteed extreme rush of male orgasm, and the 9 month+ total female experience, and opted for the former, sex is heavenly! Temptation could have arisen early, "god" provided fig leafs right away.

    Some creative power must have been yielded to the opposing forces in the "universal sovereignty" fight, to even the playing field, result: malaria, and all maladies, parasites, only fiends could have thought of that.

    so: vivre la difference iation by the angels. Ladies still agree, making themselves as beautiful as modern science allows.

    If snakes can talk, angels can walk, not just fly.

    added: from last week's wt study: Sodom & Gomorrah, those were "materialized " angels that were threatened with gang rape, so, according to the book, that embodiment is not just a demonic aberration! "theocratic" even, and attractive males too, coming and going ha ha.

  • sparky1

    What did the newly materialized male virgin angel that worked as a carpenter say to his first sexual conquest? "I may have 12 inches soft, but I haven't used it as a rule!".

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