Seriously....We have to start attacking this cult!!! Enough is enough!!

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **It seems like they're attracting the over the top emotionally shaky types**

    As I mentioned previously you see all the time more burn-outs from narcotics, chronic alcohol abusers, spazzos and weirdos coming into the Borg all the time.

    Yes burn-outs and emotionally disturbed people who need an emotional crutch and a Fantasy Island dream to escape from the harsh reality of growing old and dying.

  • dgeero
    wow that is nuts and quite unnerving. Lol and what's funny is I know the family shown in the picture from the OP haha.
  • Sabin

    I'm sorry, but I'm actually having difficulty believe this isn't a joke. This is way off normal, games for the family that help with maths & English & get the brain going that also give you time with your kids. We always did that, but games that completely indoctrinate! wtf, I said WTF.


    "Your Presiding Overseer has been convicted of sexually molesting the player to your right. Pay the Victim $20 million Jeehobucks."


  • Sabin

    We were thinking of some games they use: how about Operation, Call it Indoctrination.

    Pictionary could be Witnessary.

    Back Gammon could be Back stabbing.

    Connect four could be Connect the Doors

    Snakes & Ladders need I say more.

    Trival Pursuit could be Trival Excuse

    Guess Who could be Guess the false prophet

    Mouse Trap could be Cult Trap

    Cant think of anymore at the mo, any ideas?

  • truthseeker


    Your post gives a whole new meaning to "The Game of Life"

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer
    Oh that's funny. I said to my still-in husband that maybe the next step would be a WT playstation game. This comes close. :-)

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