Today's Text - Fear Mongering, Great Tribulation, & New Light!

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  • moomanchu

    Greatest tribulation from the world's beginning .

    Imagine topping the whole earth being flooded!!!!

  • pepperheart

    if the GB really thought the end times were coming why did they send 1000s of bethel out to have to get jobs and pay bills etc when they could have kept them to do field service not for 60 hours a month but 60 hours a week

  • Dunedain

    The WBT$'s use of the "new light" scripture on EVERY turn, and "interpretation", and to justify ALL its MISTAKES, almost borders on OBSESSION.

    Never have they had to use that scripture as much as they have in recent years. It is truly a testament to their FAILURE as being "inspired".

    Really, at the end of the day, this modern version of the BORG's whole doctrine is hinging upon the "new light" scripture. It is the cornerstone of their existence, at this point.

    It is, literally, all they have left. It is all they can quote, and rely on, at this point. It is ALL about BLIND OBEDIENCE, based on a CULT whos core doctrine hinges on "new light".

    It is shamefull. This is no longer a religion of intellectual, interpretations, and logical findings, unearthed by well learned men. It is WEAK, and FALSE, it sways with the wind. There is NO foundation, any longer. It is built upon the shifting sands of "new light".

    Their obsession with holding on to "new light" as their last straw, is making them MAD. It is driving them further into CULT mode. OBEY or DIE, is basically their MOTTO, lately. That's "new light", for ya.

  • Divergent


    This is no longer a religion of intellectual, interpretations, and logical findings, unearthed by well learned men.

    It was never such a religion to begin with!

  • smiddy

    It`s been over 130 years since the first Watchtower was printed with new light on the scriptures , that Christendom did not have. The International Bible Students had the answers .

    With every failed prophecy ,expectation ,evident reality , not eventuating ,it was passed off as new light emerging.

    With Jesus being enthroned as King in the Heavens in 1914 , you would think things would get better ?

    So they changed their name to Jehovah`s Witnesses , did they perform any better ?

    No , sorry , with over 100 years of Christ Jesus reign nothing much has really changed..

    They keep changing what they really believe , they are worse than politicians , but at least politicians keep some core beliefs.

    If that`s all he could accomplish in his first hundred years ,I`m not waiting around for the next 900 years of no results.


  • stuckinarut2

    Wow! Fantastic thread!

    Very well said. All your points are very valid!

  • flipper

    " Jehovah's organization is moving ahead in various ways. For instance, our understanding of Bible truth is constantly becoming clearer . " Uh-huh. Like how Jesus meant TWO overlapping generations of 75 years each in the alleged " last days " or " time of the end " ? Instead of the dictionary definition of a generation meaning 25 - 30 years ? You mean THAT " bible truth " ?

    So " spiritual progress " is based on reading WT publications ? Errant ones at that ? Not based on being a " good person " or showing the " fruitages of the spirit " ? Yep. Sounds like the organization I used to be in, one reason I left

  • baker

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