Today's Text - Fear Mongering, Great Tribulation, & New Light!

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  • Divergent

    A stupid text which raises many questions -

    Sunday, June 26

    There will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again.—Matt. 24:21.

    The earthly part of Jehovah’s organization is moving ahead in various ways. For instance, our understanding of Bible truth is constantly becoming clearer. This is to be expected, for “the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light that grows brighter and brighter until full daylight.” (Prov. 4:18) But we might well ask: ‘Am I keeping pace with refinements in our understanding of Scriptural truth? Is it my custom to read the Bible daily? Am I an avid reader of our publications? Do I and my loved ones have a weekly Family Worship evening?’ Most of us will agree that it is not too hard to do these things. Often it is just a matter of setting aside time to do them. And how important it is to take in accurate Scriptural knowledge, apply it, and make spiritual progress—especially now that the great tribulation is drawing so close! w145/15 4:2, 10

    10 questions to ponder about after reading this text:

    1. With all the recent scandals that have hit the organization & thousands leaving as evidenced in the 2016 yearbook statistics, hasn't the organization slowed down instead of rapidly "moving ahead?"

    2. If the bible is truth, why is the "truth" presented so VAGUE & AMBIGUOUS? TRUTH should be clear in itself. It DOES NOT need to "become clearer!" (40,000+ Christian denominations... nuff said)

    3. If "truth" "becomes clearer" & what was previously thought to be "truth" is no longer valid, does that not make JW's false teachers?

    4. Why do JW's keep using Proverbs 4:18 when that scripture has NOTHING whatsoever to do with "the changing of light?"

    5. When certain "truths" are changed entirely, isn't it deceitful to use the term "refinement?"

    6. Can reading the bible daily make you a BETTER person? (Try reading the old testament!)

    7. If JW's are required to be "avid readers" of the organization's publications, shouldn't they be avid readers of the old publications as well which contain numerous errors & incorrect teachings?

    8. Isn't it ironic how the organization promotes "Family Worship" while at the same time promotes the breaking up of families through its unscriptural shunning policy?

    9. It's "not too hard to do these things?" Yes it is! I was often stressed out & tired as a JW & observed that other JW's were also faring the same due to the numerous burdens placed upon us by this stupid cult!

    10. The "great tribulation is drawing so close?" Wasn't that supposed to take place in 1975? Anyway, the only great tribulation I have experienced was being stuck in this ******* cult! (now I'm free!)

  • OneEyedJoe
    Most of us will agree [...]

    Classic use of social pressure. Humans are social animals and statements like this makes us instinctively want to conform to the majority. For example, some cities have started including statements like "9 out of 10 people pay on time" when sending notice of due taxes and this significantly increases rates of payment. So even though it is NOT easy to set aside a couple hours a week for family study, and another couple hours to read cult literature, all on top of the hours and hours of time spent at meetings and out recruiting - despite all that people will want to conform. They'll try to follow along and feel inadequate (and even more in need of the cults help to find redemption) when they fail. Classic cult technique - create the problem, then present yourself as the solution.

  • mikeypants

    Wouldn't we all agree with the posts from One Eyed Joe and Divergent?!

    Does the organization not make all us all gag with every new release and understanding?!

    Do we not all shake our heads in disbelief that millions of sheep fully support this organization?

    Let us all rejoice in the fact that we lifted ourselves up and pulled our heads out from our behinds!


    Today's Text - Fear Mongering, Great Tribulation, & New Light!

    There will be great tribulation.

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    We`ve Been Preaching This Crap For Over 130 Years..

    With Nothing To Show For It..


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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    The earthly part of Jehovah’s organization is moving ahead in various ways.

    yep--straight down the toilet

  • OneEyedJoe

    Mikeypants - well done, sir. You've emulated the cult writing so well that it's almost a cause for concern. It's funny how formulaic it all is one you're looking at from a distance.

  • ToesUp

    Fear, obligation and guilt (FOG) all in one daily text! Boy, they must be hurting and getting desperate! Good news indeedy!

  • punkofnice
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "But we might well ask: ‘Am I keeping pace with refinements in our understanding of Scriptural truth? Is it my custom to read the Bible daily?"

    WHY should ANYONE "read the Bible daily" when its meaning is constantly changing?



  • Wayward

    When 'certain truths' change, they weren't so certain, were they? Today's 'certain truths'= tomorrow's 'old light'.

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