A WTF Moment While In the WTS

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  • FedUpJW

    But personally- it was the abuse of power by the elders that led me to many of my WTF ? moments.

    That is spot on. Being loaded up with crap chores that the elders had no desire to do and never getting any of the so-called perks that should have gone with them. Being told that because I asked why not, when, and what I had to do to "qualify" for appointment I was showing that I was only interested in recognition. I replied with (Matthew 25:21) 21 His master said to him: ‘Well done, good and faithful slave! You were faithful over a few things. I will appoint you over many things. Enter into the joy of your master.. . .
    Of course that went over like a fart in church!

    Then being told in a "special" backroom meeting that the real reason I didn't qualify was that I had been married more than just once, and the requirements were to be a husband of ONE wife. And that made me reprehensible.

    Finally got fed up with the made up BS and chose to be nothing other than a chair warmer[for family reasons] and do whatever I could to be a thorn in their sides.

  • Diogenesister

    There was also a horrible talk about birds pecking the eyes out of people absolutely reveling in the horror doing the rounds on you tube. That finally brought home to me the horror of Armageddon. It was like a fire and brimstone American televangelist preacher. Horrible. I thought, my god, is that my religion?

  • skin

    Here in NZ, the price of fuel was included among the first reasons (read out from a letter at the KH) for the home book study to finish. They then spent the next 6 + months reading more letters out at the KH telling us that the price of fuel had nothing to do with book study ending.

  • running_away

    The Elders in my previous congregation: WTF? if they reflect Jesus, then Jesus is not what I think it should be. If they dont reflect jesus, why i'm here?

    In that season a friend of mine asked: Can you show me using the Bible, and the Bible only, how we arrive to 1914? I tried for 3 month. He never argue anything. After any reason that i gave, he just asked back: Are you satisfied with your own answer?

    I tried, every day, for 3 month. Then I saw all break into pieces.

  • zeb

    " assembly meals". I suggested once (Oh fool that thous wouldst think..) that congs who are not having a convention could be the ones who do the meals.

    ..a brick and tile glider..

    I also asked for an announcement that people not do the greeting thing to those serving food. why? Hundreds of people greeting is multiplied by many many minutes and this makes those at the end of the queue have to bolt their food and not get much of a break between sessions.

    another brick and tile glider...

  • punkofnice

    At Bowes Road a$$emb£y, some bloke was on the platform with an 'experience(tm)'.

    His missus had had a baby and his work colleagues had bunged together to get a gift and a card.

    The 'experience(tm)' was that he had refused the gift and card because he was a jobo and we don't accept those things.

    For a long time after I was wondering how such weird, cultish nonsense had been allowed to be spouted as if it was a shining example of jobo-ism.

    My reaction now is that he should have been booed off the stage.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I remember attending a one day assembly about 10 years ago and Steven Lett was (I believe...in the UK on a branch visit). Everyone was excited to watch and listen to A GOVERNING BODY member bless us with his presence on the big screen.

    What did we get. Was it going to be something big, something extraordinary. No we got a MrTweedy lookalike banging on about some little girl who was loyal to Jehovah for not celebrating her friends birthday party whome she had been invited. Yes she stood up to all those other bad little boys and girls who did celebrate such a terrible thing. Yes the anniversary of the day her friend was born. Shock horror. That was definitely my wtf moment.

    You wait in anticipation for every word that comes out if these guys mouths and you get some non biblical, non essential nothingness. 🙄

  • vivalavida

    For me, it was this in "Our Kindom Ministry" from September 2007 (wow over ten years already). It made me wonder what were they trying to hide and resulted in me giving myself permission to do some research and, as they say, everything after that is history.


  • Chook

    We had this kid ( 16 yo) in our cong who skipped the meeting to go motorbike riding. He crashed and died. I remember hearing this dickhead elder say that if he was at the meeting he would not have died, I’m thinking if he was at McDonald’s he wouldn’t have died. These heartless men have zero empathy. I know what I would rather be doing on the day I die and it certainly wouldn’t be with a wt in my hand.

  • freddo

    "Skin" said ...

    "Here in NZ, the price of fuel was included among the first reasons (read out from a letter at the KH) for the home book study to finish. They then spent the next 6 + months reading more letters out at the KH telling us that the price of fuel had nothing to do with book study ending."

    Funny that. Exactly the same statement and follow up denial happened here in the UK.

    Maybe Satan put the words into the two brothers mouths (11,500 miles apart) who read the letter just to mess with our heads into thinking that the direction came from Brooklyn.

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